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on a dark day, shines a light through the window as if the sun is shining
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On a dark, rainy day, it would be nice to have available a light device one could turn on to duplicate the sun shining through your window, making the room lighter and brighter with the cheery sunshine splashes across your room. Not just a light as in a lamp, but a light that would really enhance the mood and improve the dreary atmosphere. Similar to the light boxes used in light deprovation therapy.
auntie44, Jan 21 2002


bristolz, Jan 21 2002

       Several 'daylight' type bulbs mounted around the window, hidden from view inside. Malls have been using something like this for years in their skylights; when it's sunny, the sun lights them, when it's dark or rainy, the lights come on.
StarChaser, Jan 21 2002


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