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Walk-In Drive-In Cinema

for small islands
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<disclaimer>I'm posting this for a friend.</disclaimer>

There are Pacific island nations where the combination of poverty, bad roads and small island-size means that most people don't have cars. However, they can afford trips to the cinema.

The idea is that you import a lot of cheap car bodies, which don't need functioning engines, and park them in a field, all facing the same way. Then, put up a canvas screen and a projector.

Apparently, local pedestrians would then pay for the experience of trying to grope their dates around the hand brake and gear stick.

pertinax, Nov 03 2006

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       Decent idea. All the privacy of a drive in cinema without the pesky annoyance of buying a car.
hidden truths, Nov 03 2006

       For some reason that escapes me now, I thought this idea would involve golf carts.
moomintroll, Nov 03 2006

       Nice. A retro-futurist urban decay homebrew of this would be to string up a projector in a wrecking yard, and have patrons clamber up into the bashed and rusting stacked carcasses of cars.
calum, Nov 03 2006

       + Once whilst visiting in Jamaica, I saw a car body set on cement blocks used as a hang out / kind of screen house, without the screens. I think they listened to the radio in it.
xandram, Nov 03 2006


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