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Walk'n Wright

Wright while you walk (or run!)
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Using foot strike patterns Walker Wrighter (tm) insoles change your steps into key strokes. You wear a visor with a transparent LCD display to see what you've typed.

(When out running, I often get great ideas for plays. This way I could write them down without even breaking my stride!)

futurebird, Dec 24 2002

(?) drawing http://www.futurebird.com/thin/foot.gif
[futurebird, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Is that wrighter or writer?
thumbwax, Dec 24 2002

       wrighter... as in playwright.
futurebird, Dec 24 2002

       How would you differentiate between so many different key strokes in your walking pattern? I get the idea, but 26 separate patterns just for the alphabet, plus space, delete, return (etc.) If you could figure that out, I'd own one.
colaaddict, Dec 25 2002

       run backwards a few strides to delete an error?
po, Dec 25 2002

futurebird, Dec 25 2002

       Shuffle for the shift key?
egbert, Dec 25 2002

       I hate not being able to walk and write at the same time. You could incorporate variant 'keyboard' layouts for the cha-cha, the late-night drunken stumble, the tango, etc. 'Course, who knows where you'd end up.
RayfordSteele, Dec 27 2002

       I've occasionally tried to figure some sort of method for typing while walking, sans keyboard. I never came close to thinking of this method. I think I'd look even sillier than usual doing this at a client site. I'm pretty sure I couldn't master all of the foot strike patterns.   

       Those with short strides would get more "keystrokes" per mile. Guessing that a person's stride might be in the neighborhood of 2.5 feet, this would be 2112 keystrokes per mile. At about 20 minutes per mile, this would be about 105 keystrokes per minute or 1.76 keystrokes per second. If I remember correctly (not likely), this would be 10.5 words per minute. Just my speed.
half, Dec 27 2002

       I think it would look something like playing DDR... while running down the street at the same time. Bun for the image.
eulachon, Jul 08 2004

       You could time the steps in morse code.
5th Earth, Jul 08 2004


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