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Walking underground

They did it with the sewers...
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Why not create underground walkways for people, so that cars can have more room? You would have to pay an extra fee, and you can walk all the way across the city, like a walking underground.

I have a feeling this is baked somewhere, but I'm not sure.

froglet, Mar 17 2005

some folks get into this. http://www.infiltration.org/
my experience is limited - a few abandoned mines, an unfinished jail, a few rockpiles, some storm drains....ok, maybe not that limited. [normzone, Mar 17 2005]


       It sort of is in a couple of Canadian cities, but instead of paying to get in, it's an enormous shopping centre.   

       Toronto's PATH system is a case in point; you can walk 3/4 mile uptown under the busy and often freezing cold streets.
Quin, Mar 17 2005

       Many cities have underground areas that used to be the sidewalk before the city was re-graded. Sadly, there's no way of crossing the street or this would easily be baked. Seattle has a very good underground tour where you can see the storefronts from a century ago before regrading.   

       Personally, I'd hate a system that cages people underground to let the cars roam free.
Worldgineer, Mar 17 2005

       Return the cars to the wild program? See link.
normzone, Mar 17 2005

       You can walk across London underground (as long as some of your walking is done on Tube trains.
hippo, Mar 17 2005

       Which came first? why should cars come before people?
skinflaps, Mar 18 2005

       Because they're bigger and harder.
FarmerJohn, Mar 18 2005

       You havn't seen me with a sledgehammer [FJ]
skinflaps, Mar 18 2005

       Yippee, let's all turn into Morlocks!
scubadooper, Mar 18 2005

       I like this idea. But then, as a card - carrying troglodyte, I love any idea which has to do with being underground.
Saruman, Jun 03 2006


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