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Wall Supermarket

Interactive and fun supermarket displayed on a wall in a mall or anywhere actually,
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This giant screen video game like supermarket works with gestures that throw your chosen stuff into the basket, with sound effects and prices, voice reco so you can talk to the interactive host, and get some good advice, say what interests you (price, certain diet restrictions, quality, reviews by others...) and most important (for the supermarket) - it doesn't take up any space! Less staff needed, and no stealing!!

Each customer of course gets a section of the wall to interact with, the more customers, the less room for each. Pranks where people enter someone else's screen area are expected... just like changing people's supermarket baskets.

Of course a compact automatic warehouse is needed for creating the delivery, when the person is finished (or perhaps even WHILE they are filling their wagon).

And, of course of course, real people with some good smelling real things nearby would only add to the experience, and make you want to buy more.

Ooh, how greedy. But if it feeds people - and they can get their health stuff in a healthy way, and less buildings are needed, and it can be done in remote locations near peoples homes, without having to drive miles away to malls... then y knot?

pashute, Dec 17 2013

The Wall Centre, Vancouver BC http://en.wikipedia...iki/One_Wall_Centre
It's right in downtown so a grocery store would be handy! [Canuck, Dec 18 2013]

Shopping by phone at South Korea's virtual grocery http://www.bbc.co.u...s/business-15341910
tesco korea virtual supermarket [prufrax, Dec 19 2013]


       Yesss but why is this better than the normal online grocery ordering?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 17 2013

       This is mainly good for the business owners, but also for the customers.   

       The customers benefit from an extra shop, where there was no place for one before.   

       The shop owner benefits in a few ways: Its good for any large store. Because your already in the mall, its big, gives the experience of walking around inside a real store, there's all the bustling sound around you - and most important: no delivery cost.   

       Last but not least, some parts of your store just don't work digitally, and you want some nice real salespeople to do the job, or, as I wrote, some good smelling foodstuff. So the overall "shopping experience" is retained, but with much less space.   

       In environmental terms, this should be a [+].
pashute, Dec 18 2013

       Obligatory WIFRT: I thought this was going to be about building a grocery store beside Vancouver's 3rd-tallest structure (see link).
Canuck, Dec 18 2013

       Add in the ability to have the interface as an app on any modern smartphone or tablet, so that the customer can set up their shopping list ahead of time. If they choose to prepay, they can enter an estimated pick-up time. If they choose to pay on pickup, they can come in, enter a confirmation code at a kiosk, and continue with their mall browsing while they wait for a message indicating that their order is ready.
Freefall, Dec 18 2013

       So, take NetGrocer, interact through a Wii, display with a projector.
RayfordSteele, Dec 18 2013

       [prufrax] mine is exactly the opposite of the Korean experience.   

       [rayford] but there are no fun effects or sounds and no gesture control in netgrocer, or are there?   

       [bigsleep] er.... hint?
pashute, Dec 20 2013


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