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Wall of Mucus

A different type of morning-after pill
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Mucus. Blobs of the stuff are repulsive --even the word is repulsive.

On the other hand, you need mucus to stay alive. Almost every part of the human body that is not protected by a coating of skin is instead protected by a coating of mucus. The mouth, the throat, the nasal cavity, the lungs, ... and for women, the womb --all are protected that way. Invading bacteria have difficulty getting through the coating, which, besides acting somewhat like glue, also tends to contain some anti-bacterial agents.

I'm sure I'm not the only person to have noticed that when one drinks milk, mucus production in the throat area seems to go up.

And of course there are "decongestant" medications that cause mucus production to go down.

The relevance of the preceding is the fact that one of the steps that takes place, between conception and pregnancy, is that a "blastocyst" must penetrate the protective coating of mucus in the womb.

It is known that sometimes the mucus coating is too thick, and pregnancy fails to begin. When this is discovered of a woman who wants to become pregnant, the doctor will prescribe the equivalent of a decongestant, to reduce the amount of womb mucus.

Well, it logically follows that a woman who doesn't want to become pregnant could take some equivalent of milk, which would work to *increase* the amount of womb mucus.


But how effective such a birth control technique might be ... remains to be seen.

Vernon, May 09 2012

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       Preventing or stopping pregnancy seems to be on your mind quite a bit lately. Is there perhaps a little [Vernon] on the way—and maybe it was a bit of a "surprise", hmmm?
ytk, May 09 2012

       [ytk], nope; not in the slightest.
Vernon, May 09 2012

       As a method of contraception it's interesting. However, you'd want something that only altered the uterine mucus, otherwise you'd wind up feeling like you had a cold.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 09 2012

       oh ffs, I hate myself for agreeing with UB. <takes pills>
po, May 09 2012

       //<takes pills>//   

       You might, uh, still want to use a backup method. At least until these get through the clinical trial phase.
ytk, May 09 2012

       "Milk: it's not just for drinking anymore !"
FlyingToaster, May 09 2012

       "Hey, what's in the douchebag?"   

       "Umm, milk, officer."
UnaBubba, May 10 2012

       OK, I fixed the spelling (the word is *still* repulsive! :). Thanks.
Vernon, May 10 2012

       Wall of mucus contraception sounds like a winner - conception is almost certain to reverse itself when the guy noisily and messily clears his throat in the morning
oscil8, May 10 2012

       "Not tonight, Dear. I think I've got a cold coming".   

       Yep, it works.
Ling, May 10 2012

       Thinking about mucus and things mucoid - one can no longer find school mucilage for sale. I mean the skinny bottles with the rubber nipples. Not even on line.   

       It is the passing of an era. Mucilage, we hardly knew thee.
bungston, May 10 2012

       ^ well that's another method of birth control
FlyingToaster, May 11 2012

       So is Supaglue.
UnaBubba, May 11 2012


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