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Wallet Hunt

I've lost my wallet.
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And my mind! The two are seemingly in conjunction. That is, I tend to lose my wallet just when things are getting slightly out of hand.

So, this idea is for a service that you can call when you lose your wallet. They use radio to find the wallet (you put a card in it).

The real idea here is to have the company then set up a series of messages, kind of like a treasure hunt, that they send out to certian people. You retrieve your wallet upon completing the hunt.

This will persuade you not go thinking you can lose your wallet all the time now that you got this great service.

This will also put you in situations that may be beneficial to your spiraling downward life that has led to your lost wallet.

For instance, you ask your Mom if she has a message. It always starts with mom. She will tell you to go to the grocery store. She will also tell you that you don't look healthy, and that you need some rest. There, you will find a message in the vegetable section. Realizing you haven't had your vegetables, you will buy some. The message tells you to go to your work. There, you will work, and get a message to go to church where, waiting in the confessional for you, is your wallet!

daseva, May 01 2006


       //vegetables ... you will buy some//. With what, a hug? You lost your wallet. [+]
Letsbuildafort, May 01 2006

       How many cuddles for a half a pound of radishes, grocer Fort?
methinksnot, May 01 2006

       How many you got ?..   

       Since this is a subscriber service, how about including a clue that says "Meet man in yellow hat on the corner of (whatever local street) and ask for a few bucks..." That way you could get a few pesos before heading to the grocer/pharmacy/dry cleaners. If you have a little money pegged-away in your room or something, then this fellow just simply points you in the right direction. Heck - you could even have him actively tracking down your wallet. Just make sure he shows up when you find it as to give the hunt that mysterious feel to it.
Letsbuildafort, May 01 2006

       None, that's why I need to buy some!
methinksnot, May 01 2006

       //And my mind! The two are seemingly in conjunction. That is, I tend to lose my wallet just when things are getting slightly out of hand.//   

       Bun for also noticing this. It's definitely true for me.   

       I wonder if this could be useful info for pickpockets - pick out the stressed/slightly out-of-it-looking people from the crowd, as they're less likely to notice their wallet being nabbed..?
imaginality, May 02 2006

       If I'm gonna subscribe to a radio locational wallet finding service, it'll be because I want my freakin wallet back and quick, not because I want to go on a scavenging adventure. But you know for someone that does want that, sure. Tara Reid got to the locating part before you, with her idea for a purse Lojack system. Brilliant gal.
miggavin, May 02 2006

       <obligatory teenage joke>   

       What about those who keep losing their microphones?   

ConsulFlaminicus, May 02 2006

       I think I like the idea of being able to track it if it gets stolen. So's I can...pay my respects.   

       This would be great fun if it didn't require me to lose my wallet first.
phundug, May 02 2006


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