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Zephyr 2.0

Hybrid Airship inspired by a sailboat lifted by an aerodynamic Hydrogen filled sail.
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So take the design of a lifting body aircraft such as the M2-F2/ HL-10 connect a hyrdrogen filled balloon encased in a semi rigid aerodynamic canopy that looks like a sail. Cover the canopy in lightweight flexible solar panels where optimal. Enlarge the body of the aircraft as to fit minimal lightweight living space like a 24ft sailboat. Equip the aircraft with 2 ducted electric fans on the ends of short wings between the canopy and the lifting body and Voila!?! The Zephyr 2.0.....I hope :)

The lifting body design allows the aircraft I hope to be both amphibious and operable without a tether and mooring mast. The Hydrogen filled semi rigid sail only supports enough of the weight where lift is only achieved through thrust from the propellers and the lifting properties of the body and snub wings between the sail and body.

This idea is essentially a meld of the Renault Eco2 airship the Zep'lin [link] the Aeolus airship [link] and the lifting body prototypes [link]

Ok what do ya think?

James Harkness, Apr 13 2011

Renault Zep'lin http://www.youtube....watch?v=5JJ6C0Sp76c
[James Harkness, Apr 13 2011]

Aeolus Airship http://inhabitat.co...stopher-ottersbach/
[James Harkness, Apr 13 2011]

Nasa M2 F1 http://farm5.static...7638_e5618b3c54.jpg
[James Harkness, Apr 13 2011]


       What is it with everyone and hydrogen?   

       Oh, the humanity....   

       Other than that, I really like this idea.
Alterother, Apr 15 2011


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