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Whistling Shower-Head

For those people who can't whistle
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The other day I took my shower-head apart to clean it. Now, when I have a shower, it makes a very pleasant bird-like whistle. I'm thinking either these could be sold, or even better, I could travel around taking people's shower-heads apart. Hopefully I could repeat whatever I did to mess up mine.
mighty_cheese, Sep 07 2001


       I can't yodel. Think you could rig my toilet to do that?
The Military, Sep 07 2001

       Yodelling toilet...   

       Well, I have managed to make my toilet leak all over the place. Would you like that?   

       Perhaps I should hire a plumber one day.
mighty_cheese, Sep 07 2001

       While you're at it, Mister Yodeling-Toilet Man, I'd like my showerhead to whistle "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?". I'm sure it's just a short step from plumbing that can yodel to a bathroom fixture that can whistle "flippertigibbet" for me, every morning.   

       I'd pay you for your trouble, naturally ... I make a mean chocolate-chip cookie.
1percent, Sep 07 2001

       Can I have one that whistles Kenny G tunes? For my enemies, I mean.
phoenix, Sep 07 2001

       I can only imagine the cacophony of my hot water pipes singing along with my whistling shower head... <shuuuuudder>
MrWrong, Sep 07 2001

       sort of like the bloody stupid johnson bathroom in terry pratchets 'hogfather'?
RobertKidney, Sep 07 2001

       Me too, Peter. Found it -really- annoying...
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       It's ideas like this that make me really miss mighty_cheese.
AfroAssault, Mar 22 2005

       I miss all these people.
baconbrain, Nov 03 2007

       Very original idea with some funny annos.
doctorremulac3, Sep 11 2022

       Can it harmonize?
Voice, Sep 11 2022

       Version 2.0 will be programmed with the words, Shirley.
whatrock, Sep 13 2022


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