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Water Bulb Flute

Squeeze and Blow
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This is an instrument that consists of a softball-sized flexible rubber bulb at the base connected to a clear glass tube, and topped off with a glass flute-like mouthpiece attached at a right angle.

Fill the bulb with water, and blow in. Squeezing the bulb will force the water up the tube, varying the pitch. The all-glass construction will resonate the sound clearly.

For beginners, the tube is marked with water levels indicating different pitches. The more experienced player will know the notes by look or feel, much the same way a trombone player does.

Cedar Park, Sep 01 2003

Water Flute http://www.drumdojo...unk/water_flute.htm
Same name. Different idea. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       Hehe. It'd be hard to play, I'll bet. I like it. +
bristolz, Sep 01 2003


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