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Modify the pitch as you play.
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Here's a simple one...essentially a saxophone, but made of some sort of easily manipulable substance. The material can't be too readily deformed, but must be able to have its shape changed by the waxophonist while he or she is playing.

Like a trombone, modifying the shape of the wind column within the instrument changes the pitch of the resultant note.

Perhaps a skeleton of memory metal could be incorporated into the wax matrix, allowing the instrument to resume its basic shape when stored in a cool place (like a fridge).

vigilante, Oct 10 2004

I remember, as a kid, receiving "wax harmonica" candy at Halloween. http://www.theimagi...ld.com/sadbox07.jpg
Actually, it was more like a pan flute. Not many links available. [half, Oct 10 2004, last modified Oct 11 2004]


       What is it with you and that "memory metal" stuff anyway? Would certainly make for a steep learning curve.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 10 2004

       It was an afterthought. After spending all day flaming [evilpickles] over Nuclear Ping Pong, I figured I'd better make sure my ideas weren't too ridiculous, and a sax made entirely of wax seemed ridiculous.
vigilante, Oct 10 2004

       //Here's a simple one// ....... //a skeleton of memory metal could be incorporated into the wax matrix// ......?
wagster, Oct 10 2004

       The concept is simple, estupido.
vigilante, Oct 11 2004

       // Perhaps a skeleton of memory metal could be incorporated into the wax matrix //   

       I can't help but see Neo and Agent Smith battling it out in Madame Tussauds when I read this.
spiritualized, Oct 11 2004

       Ever put a sax mouthpiece on a brass horn? funny as hell.
baslisks, Oct 11 2006

       It would be an interesting concept but wouldn't be a practical as perhaps you know.. buying a horn that already does that?
baslisks, Aug 05 2007


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