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Water injection for blood draining

Inject water and remove blood with it
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Traditionally meat animals have their throats slit and are hung upside down for the blood to drain. One of the downsides to this treatment is that it takes the blood too long to drain. Some coagulates and some never makes it out. Modern technology offers a better solution that doesn't really cost more.

First kill the animal to be humane, in some way that leaves the blood system intact. Inert gas asphyxiation seems ideal. Then connect a shunt to the main arteries, open the appropriate vein for draining, and force water through the body at the normal pressure for a few tens of minutes.This should remove much more blood, give bacteria less to latch onto, and allow earlier freezing of the meat.

Voice, Aug 05 2021

Kosher - but ethical? http://www.aedilemm...plate=ReferenceText
[a1, Aug 06 2021]

Halel - quite similar http://animalscienc.../01/Halal-Foods.pdf
[a1, Aug 06 2021]

Only 40-60 percent of blood is drained at exsanguination. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/6495586/
[Voice, Aug 06 2021]

hanging deer http://thehuntercit...collagen%20tissues.
[Voice, Aug 06 2021]

https://www.quora.com/How-long-do-you-hang-a-cow-before-butchering https://www.quora.c...w-before-butchering
6 hours to 21 days, depending on a lot of things [Voice, Aug 06 2021]

Cold saline infusion https://www.newscie...een-life-and-death/
[a1, Aug 08 2021]

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       But would it be kosher? Halel? Some cultures that insist on draining the blood from meat also have very specific rules about how to kill and how to desanguinate the animal.
a1, Aug 05 2021

       Given that the religious instructions are intended to result in a humane death and a body drained of blood, this method follows the spirit of those commandments better than following their letter does. And those religious types are really good at mental gymnastics.
Voice, Aug 06 2021

       How long does the heart continue to beat after death? Could the heart be externally stimulated to keep pumping the water? Perhaps a couple of volts; the 220 mains is probably out.
whatrock, Aug 06 2021

       //220 mains is probably out//
Probably want a lower frequency too; maybe 2 Hertz for a good heartbeat?
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 06 2021

       I was leaning towards decapitation and pressure on the body if I ever have to slaughter my own livestock but this may be better   

       ...considers the irony of the development of Kosher/halal meat customs in a region that cannot respect the humanity of it's neighbors...   

RayfordSteele, Aug 06 2021

       Revenge is inherently evil and all cultures that base their general actions on revenge are evil. Likewise for cultures which in general base their actions on "that thing you have rightfully belongs to be so I'm going to take it"
Voice, Aug 06 2021

       [Voice], does that leave anyone else?
a1, Aug 06 2021

       The Swiss?
Voice, Aug 06 2021

       [Voice] Unfortunately, based on my incomplete understanding of Judaism, those who are most strict about keeping kosher also tend to be extremely strict about observing the letter of the law with less concern for the spirit. (See Eruv for an example)
MechE, Aug 06 2021

       // it takes the blood too long to drain //   

       How long does it take, for various animals commonly slaughtered for food?
a1, Aug 06 2021

       I couldn't find anything online, but I've heard say that hunters drain for at least a full day. There's also some bollocks about tenderizing the meat by letting it drain longer, which amounts to letting rot set in if you ask me. I heard of a hunter who drained his meat for a full week, which sounds like a recipe for food poisoning and maggots.
Voice, Aug 06 2021

       // hunters //   

       Oh, I thought commercial slaughterhouses were your idea's original market. The kind of arrangements you describe might be a bit elaborate for hunters.
a1, Aug 06 2021

       // allow earlier freezing of the meat. //   

       Using a very cold saline solution for your rinse would facilitate that also.
a1, Aug 06 2021

       //I thought commercial slaughterhouses were your idea's original market.//   

       They are...
Voice, Aug 07 2021

       Why saline?
Voice, Aug 07 2021

       // why saline? //   

       I think* you’d want an isotonic solution (matching salt concentration of blood) to prevent disrupting cellular membranes. And you could run it an near or below freezing to rapidly cool the innards.   

       * That is, I’m just making this up as I go along.
a1, Aug 07 2021

       [Voice], run your idea past someone in the embalming profession. They already know efficient ways to drain blood from a corpse, and how to pump embalming fluid in. Their technology is probably adaptable to your purpose.
a1, Aug 08 2021

       Can I include tiny ice shards and a chemical tenderizer? Or are blood vessels needed to be whole for some reason?
Voice, Aug 08 2021

       //cold saline infusion for surgical purposes// So technically the meat would never die? Should we market is as "zombie cow" or HARDCORE DEATH BEEF"?   

       "So fresh it wants your brain!"
Voice, Aug 08 2021

       I don’t know about actually keeping it alive, but I bet would make for a better texture meat.
a1, Aug 08 2021


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