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Ways To Recycle Greece's Natural Assets

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun...
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Greece has shitloads of sunshine but not much else going for it, these days.
Northern Europe has shitloads of cash, but stuff-all sunshine.

Therefore, UBCo has made diplomatic approaches to George Osborne (UK Chancellor of the Exchequer), Wolfgang Schäuble (German Finance Minister) and France's Christine Lagarde, to do a deal that will see Greece pay off its foreign debt in a century or two.

In short, massive parabolic solar collectors will be stationed in the sunniest parts of Greece and hooked up to large, internally mirrored pipelines.

Sunshine goes in one end, bounces along the pipeline for a few milliseconds and exits via solar skylights in British, German and northern French homes, cheering up the cranky, pasty denizens of those unfortunate places, for a small fee.

UnaBubba, May 15 2012

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       It would be far simpler just to let the Germans invade again …
8th of 7, May 15 2012

       I think you'll find Ms Lagarde has got stuff-all to do with France's monetary policy too, being the replacement for DSK at the IMF.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 15 2012

       George "Gideon" Oliver Osborne, currently Chancellor of the Exchequer.
UnaBubba, May 15 2012

       Sorry, French one is now Francois Baroin. Doesn't really matter... still someone French.
UnaBubba, May 15 2012

       // It would be far simpler just to let the Germans invade again … //   

       <Basil Faulty>   

       Don't mention the War!   

       </Basil Faulty>   

       It wasn't exactly 'simple' the first time...
Alterother, May 15 2012

       Germany's invasion of Greece this time appears to be by way of imports.
RayfordSteele, May 15 2012

       It was last time as well.
Alterother, May 15 2012

       About 70,000 of them, with tanks.
UnaBubba, May 15 2012

       And cheese in toothpaste tubes.
Alterother, May 15 2012

       "I've got a toothpaste tube full of cheese, and I'm not afraid to use it ..."   

       No, doesn't work. Something with an 88mm gun screwed to the front is probably going to be much more effective.   

       Given the success (?) of US operations in Sicily during WWII, maybe it would be more cost-effective in the medium term to let the Mafia take over Greece ? They do have an admirable record for fiscal responsibility, i.e. living within someone else's income....
8th of 7, May 15 2012

       Yes. Regrettably, 88mm armour-piercing rounds do have the side effect of causing cavities in the things they hit.
8th of 7, May 15 2012

       I read in an account of the battle of Kursk, of an 88 round passing clean through the turret of a T-34 tank. Cavity indeed.
UnaBubba, May 15 2012

       Did the account state what happened to whatever the shell hit next? I'll bet there was cavitation involved at some point.
Alterother, May 15 2012

       No, it didn't. I think the observer was more impressed with the fact it had gone through, pulping the 4-man crew on the way.
UnaBubba, May 15 2012

       If it went through the turret it would only have pulped 3 men at most; the opening between the driver's compartment and the turret compartment is only about 20cm wide when the driver's seatback is locked in place. However, I think I know which book you're talking about. The description sounds very familiar.
Alterother, May 15 2012

       I cannot, for the life of me, remember where I read it. Too many books have passed through my hands.
UnaBubba, May 16 2012

       ain't just the original shell; molten armour also.
FlyingToaster, May 16 2012

       And flakes, from hull spalling.
UnaBubba, May 16 2012

       And the crew's hopes, aspirations and dreams for the future.
AusCan531, May 16 2012

       Or you could just send them this message:   

       "Dear Greece, get off your fat, lazy, loafing in the sun all day asses and get to work. Signed: Europe."   

       With the turmoil in the European Union these days, what you guys need is another Winston Churchill. That guy was so brilliant and badass you'd almost think he was half American.
doctorremulac3, May 16 2012

       He was no fan of mob-rule style democracy, though.
RayfordSteele, May 16 2012


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