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Self Help Books

Self Help Books - For Elves
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How to be an Elf in 21 Days.

Building Toys for Dummies.

How to Cope with a Legend for a Boss.

Don't Touch them....they are My Cookies!! (Establishing ownership in the Elf Community.)

cwaite, Nov 28 2000


       Raising the bar (Keeping your demands within reach)

Remaining Indespensible .. how to avoid holding the bag.

Don't Close the Door if the Reindeer are Already Out of the Barn
reensure, Nov 28 2000

       Chicken Soup for the Elf Soul: Paddy Got a New Pair of Shoes   

       My Elf, My Self   

       7 Habits of Highly Productive Helpers (by S. Claus, PhD)   

       The Peter Pan Syndrome: When Being an Elf Doesn't Seem to be Enough
danrue, Nov 28 2000

       The Twelve Step Program to Pixie Dust Independency (a recovery program for the Elf addict)   

       How to Cope With Inter-Creature Relationships (a guide for all elves, leprechauns, sprites, nymphs, etc.)   

       101 Ways to turn that Elfish talent into Big $$$
Cheph, Nov 28 2000


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