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The Church of Quiet Contemplation and Purgative Meditation

Sit and think and shit and stink.
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Not being religious, I feel no need to attend regular services in churches, chapels, chantries, chancels or cathedrals.

However, I enjoy a little quiet contemplation as much as the next man. Time to download all of the drama and hustle that engulfs my life whenever I'm awake.

Therefore, "UB Still Now" have begun a worldwide "movement" to consecrate (and desecrate) every toilet in this land and yours, to the cause.

This will necessitate a building boom, to construct more toilets as demand will rapidly increase with people using the crapper not just to purge themselves of waste but also of stress and other undesirable emotions and the like. (This is our first contribution to resolving the world's economic woes).

Now, you no longer simply take a dump but also rid yourself of toxins and all manner of worldly burdens. You'll also have time to think more deeply and critically, on how to solve the problems you see around you, daily.

Simple hymnals and catechisms will be left in every cubicle (probably by the Gideon Society) to assist new followers to join the "movement" and thus make the world a better- (fertilised) place.

UnaBubba, Aug 07 2012

The Catholic versions... Confession_20Booth_20Emergency_20Loo
[RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2012]

Going the other way... Public_20Restroom_2...fessional_20Priests
[RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2012]


       Atleast this agrees with the main doctrine of the Church of No Pants.
rcarty, Aug 07 2012


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