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Wearable Lightshow

Clothes that display a lightshow.
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Clothes that you wear that display various colored light patterns.

Especially efffective at night, and as an attention grabber.

Features personal stereo plug-in, so lightshow is directed by the music.

Inspired by some 80's videoclip I saw where these three guys playing instruments as their clothes featured illuminating star-shaped patterns.

mrkillboy, Jul 08 2000

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       Been to a rave, or a large public gathering lately? This is so baked -- people weave electroluminescent cable into their clothing (and wear it around their head, and as jewelry, and...) and hook it up to circuits to make them blink.   

       I've even seen the music-driven variety, though that's still quite a novelty.
egnor, Jul 08 2000

       This is a good idea. You'd be the life of the party. The downside would be that it would be rather hard to wear. If you wanted to go to a rave, party . .etc., you'd probably want to dance, and I've got a feeling that this would hinder movement.
Admiral_Raddikatatt, Apr 26 2001

       I am reminded of [ravenswood]'s (?) mention of a 5-sequenced-laser-pointer equipped glove, but I can't seem to find the link. alas.
absterge, Apr 26 2001

       <aarghs at egregiously annoying flash website...>
StarChaser, May 27 2001


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