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Weather Filter™

Place this around your workspace to increase productivity
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OK everyone, admit it: when the weather outside is delightful, the last place you want to be is at WORK..

This product will best suite smaller businesses & home offices, as a large office building might be damn near impossible to install this sucker on - not to mention, expensive.*

Basic construction would include an aviary-style frame that encompasses the entire building. Various panels can automagically be lowered from the framework (usually by the boss) to simulate crappy weather to the casual observer inside. The basic principle at play here is keeping the sunlight to a minimum and diffusing available light into a dull neutral gray, much like a rainy day.

Workers inside eventually forget that the Weather Filter™ has been activated and will stop looking longingly out the windows, thereby increasing their productivity.

Models include one that can be affixed to the sides of a high-rise office building and be activated on a single floor if need be.

*The increase in productivity, depending on the company's average annual revenue will theoretically pay for the Weather Filter™ in an average of three years. I'm not sure how I figured that out though.

wugah, Apr 07 2003


       that would be kinda cool.. Maybe combine it with the link for Adjustable Windows - that way it could get all dark & ominous inside for the desired effect...
wugah, Apr 08 2003

       I have to admit, I think this company was thinking along with you when they built this buliding. You see, it has no stinking windows! Same effect; same results. A bunch of grumpy people too busy complaining about not being able to see the weather to get any work done.   

       But it does make a cracken tornado shelter!
Bowner42, Apr 08 2003

       They'd never do any work, but they'd never want to leave.
egbert, Apr 08 2003

       Then you get to charge them rent!!
Bowner42, Apr 09 2003


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