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Web Cam Of All Government Business

All government officials must apply for permit to have secret meetings.
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When you take the oath of office, you understand you will not be able to engage in any business that is not recorded and freely available to the voters who are in charge of the country. That means everything. Phone conversations, emails, text messages, everything. You may have your private time, bathroom breaks etc but you are strictly prohibited from engaging in government business while you're not being recorded. Getting caught doing so will result in expulsion from office.

You may however fill out a form to have the information in certain communications available only to the other branches of government but you'll have to have a good reason. Check one of the boxes and describe exactly why you don't want the lowly proles who put you in office to know what business you've elected to engage in while supposedly fulfilling the duties of that office.

[ ] Matter of national security [ ] Matter of sexual misconduct [ ] Matter of influence pedaling or bribery [ ] Other

This is not a joke, when you do your taxes they ask if you've received any money from illegal activity. The idea is presumably that they want to throw another charge in if you're stupid enough to say "Yes" on this form, but it's also to let you know the government wants their cut of the loot and they're watching you.

This form lets the politician know "We're watching everything you do and we think you're scum."

Inspired by the great idea to have webcams in all slaughterhouses.

doctorremulac3, Nov 12 2017

Relevant to the marketplace of ideas https://www.nbcnews...ndment-s-ncna820646
hmm... [RayfordSteele, Nov 15 2017]


       //taxes [...] illegal activity//   

       If they're being fair about it, illegal income should be taxed at a lower rate, given there's probably a gov't department working against the business.   

       //government officials// sp. "elected officials".
FlyingToaster, Nov 12 2017

       // expulsion from office //   

       Would not the simple use of a captive-bolt humane killer applied to the base of the offender's skull be far more useful and cost-effective ?   

       Or indeed a regular ball-peen hammer.   

       Just as long as it ends the target's life efficiently, completely, and very slowly and painfully.
8th of 7, Nov 12 2017

       Just as lawyers need to assure confidentiality in order to best serve their clients and get at the real truth of some matters, politicians need free and frank discussions without us looking over their shoulder at all times. This would simply push more of the discussions to the bathrooms and nightclubs where much of it already happens.
RayfordSteele, Nov 12 2017

       Good, they get caught doing that,they go to jail.   

       Like I said, they can apply for permission to have their "free and frank" discussions keept from their bosses, the people who voted them into power, but they will simply be sent to the other branches of government for review. If for some reason a congressman thinks it's really important that the Supreme Court doesn't hear about his meeting with some big corporation, well, I'd want to know why.   

       We're so used to being enslaved by the ruling class we actually defend their slimy backroom dealings.   

       Remember Ray, they hate you. They consider you to be a pawn in their game and see themselves as a higher order of life than you.   

       Other than that, they're teriffic people.
doctorremulac3, Nov 13 2017

       It just won't work. Use cameras and they'll slip notes under the table. Put cameras there too and they'll use a secret winking language. Forbid blinking and by now you've made it impossible to actually communicate. You could sequester each congressman in a heavily monitored environment and through proxies and encoded messages he would still manage to be corrupt.
Voice, Nov 13 2017

       Good, let's play a game.   

       They try to skirt the system, they go to prison.   

       They might win sometimes, but it only takes getting caught once to be banned from political office for ever.   

       And don't give them too much credit for being clever. These are not scientists, doctors or engineers, they're slimy lawers for the most part, and I'm here to tell you from experience, you can graduate Harvard Law Magna Cum Laude and still be a foaming at the mouth moron.   

       Believe me, I know. I've told the story before about a dispute regarding a business I was selling where I finally told the Harvard boy I hired to never say or do anything regarding this case except put what I wrote onto his letterhead and send it out. I salvaged a very big business deal that he had totally screwed up every possible way imaginable and it took me to fix it. And I'm no legal genius, I'm just not an idiot.   

       Don't be impressed by these guys. If they portray and image of competence or higher intellect, it's an illusion. They're simply slimy deal makers, and they control an industry, the control of government.   

       What they do is no more impressive than making breakfast cereal or selling insurance. It's a money making proposition that's sold as some kind of grand endevor that's the engine powering the success of civilization,. It's not. That comes from innovators, workers and people who raise strong families and intelligent, motivated hard working kids that turn into productive adults.   

       Government types run to the front of the parade of progress and pretend they're leading it.   

       Well, that turned into a little "soap box derby" didn't it? I'll step down off of mine now.
doctorremulac3, Nov 13 2017

       My sister happens to be a lawyer. This is why I can offer some insight—hers.   

       This is not about slimy backroom dealings, it’s about the process of rooting out the unworkable as laws are modified. Do you want every conversation with your coworkers or family exposed to the media?   

       Might I suggest that you run for office?
RayfordSteele, Nov 13 2017

       I have a lawyer friend (criminal defense) and an associate (business law) that are both very good people as I'm sure your sister is. I just think there's way too many lawyers at the helm of power in this country. If any vocation was similarly over represented I'd get nervous. If 90% of politicians were former bakers I'd be concerned. I'd also wonder if that had anything to do with the price of a loaf of bread being $700 with a mandatory requirement that all citizens buy at least 4 loaves a month. (With taxpayer subsidized assistance for the needy of course.)   

       //Do you want every conversation with your coworkers or family exposed to the media?//   

       Those conversations don't effect the lives of the people who put me in power, but if the job specified I wouldn't have any privacy for a couple of years, yea. I wouldn't have a problem with it.   

       //Might I suggest that you run for office?//   

       On the "All Politicians And Their Payola Spreading Puppet Masters Are Scum" platform?   

       I don't see that getting a lot of support. Plus I don't feel the need to control others, just to fight off people who wish to control me.   

       But if I ever decide to parlay my uncanny ability to charm everybody who hears my point of view into a run for political office you'll be the first to know.
doctorremulac3, Nov 14 2017

       Frankly, I'd like my politicians to be less accountable but more effective.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2017

       " On the "All Politicians And Their Payola Spreading Puppet Masters Are Scum" platform? "   

       Somebody recently got into high office by talking like that - if it worked for them, it could certainly work for you.   

       Remember, all you need to do is tell people that everything is bad but it's not their fault, it's the other peoples fault.   

       Actually, I believe I must call " baked " on a portion of this idea.   

       As part of my day job, I review all that fine print the organization is committing to when they accept a purchase order.   

       There is actually a federal regulation that states (after being reduced to plainspeak) that no bribes should be paid to receive this contract, but that if bribes are paid, they must be paid with monies other than those received from this contract. There is also a form to be filled out.
normzone, Nov 14 2017


       Bribery is stil a common practice in many oil-rich parts of the world. Here its just called lobbying and fundraising.
RayfordSteele, Nov 14 2017

       // less accountable but more effective //   

       I suggest that they are highly effective, but not with the effects you want. And if you want to give them a reason to prefer your desiderata to theirs, then you've just re-invented accountability.
pertinax, Nov 15 2017

       //Bribrry is stil a common practice in many oil- rich parts of the world. Here its just called lobbying and fundraising.//   

       Yup. Here's something to mull over. I'd be interested to see if there were a vote to outlaw lobbiests if anybody but the politicians and lobliests would vote against it. I'd be surprised if it didn't get 80 to 90% of the voters to support it.   

       You know, there's a side to us libertarians that doesn't get a lot of mention. The support of what I'll call "free market Darwinism". If a corporation can't survive on its own, it needs to die, not have the hard working men and women of this country take their hard earned money and hand it over to a failing business venture run by multi-millionairs.   

       Lobbiests are the cure for democracy and free market capitalism. Somebody needs to come up with a cure for lobbiests.
doctorremulac3, Nov 15 2017

       The first perpetual problem with free-market darwinism is that it doesn't necessarily subscribe to basic hierarchies of needs, as not everything can be monetized. The second perpetual problem is that it leads to natural monopolies, who then become the real powerbrokers all over again and abuse the jailing system to their own ends. The third problem is that I think that we've sufficiently demonstrated over the past year that Holmes' idea of the 'marketplace of ideas' does not always lead to sustainable situations or the truth. This article was interesting <link>.   

       I suspect that the lobbyists would simply retreat to the companies and organizations that they represent, as paid representatives.
RayfordSteele, Nov 15 2017

       My point is, taxpayers shouldn't have to fund rich people's businesses. Very simple.
doctorremulac3, Nov 15 2017

       Easy enough as a concept.   

       Some businesses are necessary. Others are not. Some make money. Others don't. That Venn diagram doesn't sufficiently overlap for a complex, large society unfortunately.
RayfordSteele, Nov 15 2017

       //Somebody needs to come up with a cure for lobbiests.//   

       Are lobbiests the people who are most lob-like?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 15 2017

       I know it's silly but for some reason I feel partially to blame for that misspelling.   

       Regardless of whose fault this is, and mistakes were probably made by everybody involved, I will step up and take full responsibility for this error.   

       Hmm. Maybe I should consider a career in politics.
doctorremulac3, Nov 15 2017


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