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Web Pad with Physical Buttons

A web pad that has actual buttons (back, forward, etc) and a separate URL display
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Most information-appliance devices have a standard 640x480 or 800x600 LCD that can be a little small for most web sites. Worse still, they usually have a row of buttons and a URL field that take up the top 100-odd pixels of the screen.

The buttons *need* to be fairly large so that you can hit them with a fingertip or stylus (both of which are less precise than a mouse, mostly because you can't separate moving from clicking/dragging).

A good solution would be to put physical buttons above or below the screen and a separate LCD character display above the main screen. These features would give you roughly the same vertical real-estate as a much more expensive larger screen, with a cost of maybe another US$20.

frankus, Apr 27 2002


       With a cover so you don't 'accidentally' cruise over to playboy.com.
phoenix, Apr 27 2002


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