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Wedding gift investment clubs

Give cash as wedding gifts and lend the money back givers.
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This is a half backed idea derived partly from Andean (Quechua Culture). When a couple gets married gifts should be given in cash. Then any one who gave a gift can take a loan from the pot and agree to pay back at a higher than normal interest rate after an agreeded to time period, say one, five, 10 or 15 years later, If the couple gets divorced before the loan is due to be repaid the barrower gets to keep the cash! If the couple stays together they get a nice little nest egg. A way to help couples get started and cut the divorce rate some.
Imathinker, Jul 10 2004


       something 'off' about this idea.   

       i've also heard of the idea that a family chips in and buys a life insurance policy on the family's elder, an enormous amount (a million or more) and splits the cost of the premium between them, then divies up the proceeds when the elder dies. anyone verify?
xclamp, Jul 10 2004

       half backed, is that anything like being quarterbacked?
RayfordSteele, Jul 10 2004

       Best ask [quarterbaker].
angel, Jul 10 2004

       I've heard of couples getting money and then buying a piece of land to preserve (like rainforest). I think the issue of tying (?) up the couple for monetary interest might come up. Maybe donating a percentage to a specific project, like "free marriage counseling" social projects might benefit more people...
lunet, Jul 10 2004


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