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useful wedding ring

keeping you in touch with your partner
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I've often wondered why wedding bands are never improved upon. People add gaudy or "meaningful" things to them, but no-one has ever added functionality.

My idea is that interesting functions be built into wedding rings, like partner-proximity tinglers (to let you know where your errant partner went in that large and overwhelming store) or partner-mood indicators, to help you care better for your partner, knowing how they're feeling. You could add a "feel-good" buzzer that is triggered by the opposite partner, or even a panic-button effect, so that when you really need them, they know.

Perfect for those couples who always want to feel in touch with each other.

Those are just a few ideas, slightly outside of modern technological reach . . but with increasing miniturisation, and advances in technology powered from the host-organism (human-powered), maybe not so far away at all.

MikeHolio, Sep 14 2003


       Program in a function that cuts the finger off if the guy even looks at another dame, and I think you'll have more than a few buyers...
DrCurry, Sep 14 2003

       As long as it's just the finger.
Detly, Sep 14 2003

       “Wonder twin powers, activate!”
Shz, Sep 15 2003

       I'm really pleased that people have not shot this down, being my first attempt and all.   

       Perhaps I should have reinforced the fact that the idea is primarily for LOVING couples, not mistrusting or angry ones.   

       Oh, well, I'll do better next time.
MikeHolio, Sep 15 2003

       Darn Sheazy, I was gonna say that. Oh well, next best thing: "Thing Ring, do your thing!"
RayfordSteele, Sep 15 2003

       How about a 'Partner-Part-Fingerer-Tingler'?
n-pearson, Sep 15 2003

       It's a nice idea, but how does it work?
ato_de, Sep 15 2003

       My original concept (prior to posting) involved a basically hollow gold shell, slightly oversize, containing near-proximity electronic response equipment (similar to security radio-response patches in valuable items) that would gain the power needed from either the host (human-powered) or a nearby radio-transmission source (either worn by partner A or partner B). The first method allows two self-powered units to "locate" each other, and maybe heat slightly, deliver mild electrical charge, or activate a piezo-electric vibration (mini-motor). As I typed the first part of the idea in, the other options occured to me. Please forgive me if I am a little spartan on the explanation - the primary point is that I don't believe the technology exists to make this feasible. We could probably do watch-sized units, or ring-watch sized unit based on this updated description.
MikeHolio, Sep 15 2003

       Some basic functions could be simple, like a liquid crystal dot to show temperatur. "Oh honey, your ring shows that your are cold. I told you to bring the gloves. You know that I need you, please take better care of yourself!" - "Yes, dear, may I slap you a few times to warm them up?"   

       A passive RFID for various purposes is also within the reach of current technology. More advanced functions will need my new pin head sized hydrogen fusion plant that runs on human sweat. (Sorry, can only publish details after my patent application went through.)
kbecker, Sep 15 2003

       I like the simple, subtle symbolism of wedding rings and feel that adding some techno-gadget to it may cheapen it somehow. However, I will not fishbone this idea, as this is merely my personal opinion. I wouldn't buy into this myself, but I could see something like this becoming popular among certain circles.
XSarenkaX, Sep 16 2003


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