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Weigh Less, Pay Less

luggage weight credit/rebate scheme
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Many airlines are tightening up on baggage weight allowance, with excess weight being charged at exorbitant rates per lb or kilo.

A fairer system would be one whereby passengers can also accumulate weight credits when their luggage falls below 75% of the allowed limit. These credits could be then be used at some future date when needed.

xenzag, Sep 12 2009

747 weights http://www.simviation.com/rinfo747.htm
Shows how little of the weight is the payload. [Twizz, Sep 14 2009]

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       sounds reasonable. I wonder how much of the passenger/luggage weight really impacts the flight stats/stability. I'm betting its negligible. This idea would still be dependent upon the other passengers' being underweight on your next flight.
dentworth, Sep 12 2009

       or the day you travel, the "Big-n-tall Fun Finders" club decides to take a field trip.
dentworth, Sep 12 2009

       +... I thought it would be for people.
danman, Sep 12 2009

       // I wonder how ... weight ... impacts the flight stats/stability. I'm betting its negligible. //   

       It's not on small aircraft - doing a Weight and Balance before takeoff is essential, unless you have a burning desire to get a really good, clear, close up view of the perimiter fence. And if you do manage to claw your way into the air, you may not have enough fuel to reach your destination .....
8th of 7, Sep 12 2009

       All this being the case, then why is it always possible to pay extra for additional baggage weight?
xenzag, Sep 12 2009

       Just allow a given weight per ticket for passenger-plus- baggage.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 12 2009

       <wonders if you could sell your baggage-space to other passengers and get a free or near-free ride>
FlyingToaster, Sep 12 2009

       Max gross take off weight of a 747-400 is about 360 tons.   

       400 passengers at an average weight of 150lbs each is only 27 tons.   

       If each passenger has 75lbs of clothes and luggage, thats still only 40 tons, or just over 10% of gross weight.   

       The fuel load is about 57,000 gallons, almost 170 tons.   

       Passenger and luggage weight are trivial. See link.
Twizz, Sep 14 2009

       //Just allow a given weight per ticket for passenger-plus- baggage.//   

       So you win double if you sell a kidney to pay for your flight....
Twizz, Sep 14 2009

       Set up a booth just before check-in selling laxatives and emetics .....
8th of 7, Sep 14 2009


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