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Personalized luggage delivery

Use RFID to deliver luggage directly to passengers.
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Every passenger and every bag is already issued a baggage tag or baggage claim ticket. The problem is how to reunite these two items at the destination.

It is a given that people will crowd as closely as possible to the first point where their baggage is accessible. This is only a problem when a large number of people are expecting their luggage at the same location.

First mark each RFID chip in each bag tag, and each baggage claim ticket. Now redesign the baggage claim area. Instead of long exposed belts for each flight, put the belt behind a wall and have a series of small booths, perhaps two meters wide on the passenger side. As the passenger enters a booth their baggage claim tags are read. When a bag with a matching tag passes down the conveyer it is pushed through a curtain into a bin for that booth.

Because the conveyor belt is open behind the wall, the luggage carts for any flight can unload at any point and the the bags will be delivered to the appropriate passengers.

The only bags that go into that booth are the ones for passengers that are waiting in that booth. Because there is no visible entry point for the belt, there is no advantage to any particular booth so passengers can just pick an emptyish one, or one near the exit.

There will be no need to separate one flight from the next as each booth could receive bags from any flight.

Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 28 2007




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