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Pack My Bag For Me (dot com)

Because busy business travelers have more money than time
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You are going to Denver on an overnight stay for an important meeting, and you just found out about it this evening.

You go to PackMyBagForMe dot com. We have affiliates near every major airport. You choose from our wide selection of business suits - from khaki, sport shirt and sport coat to three-piece - in all sizes and colors. Also select your preferred bag. The basic toiletries package is included by default, but you may upgrade to the deluxe that includes massage oils and your special brand of hair cream. Tell us where you are going and when you are arriving, and our delivery person will greet you by name at the airport with your bags and a warm smile.

You breezed through security with only your laptop carry-on, you didn't have to fight the crowd at the baggage carousel, and you are on your way to the hotel, confident that you will look and feel your best the next day, and all you did was click your mouse.

After your successful meeting, keep the suit and bag if you like (you spent a goodly sum), or arrange to return them at the airport kiosk when you are done for a refund minus the rental charge. The toiletries are yours with our compliments.

globaltourniquet, Sep 26 2007


       Ok, bun for you. But couldn't you just put the clothes in the closet at the hotel for me and lay out the toiletries by the sink?   

       I would rather not struggle with the bag from the airport to the room and back if I don't have to, and you can ensure that everything is neatly pressed this way too.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 26 2007

       Sounds like a good idea to me, but what GC said about delivery. Unless you throw in a limo with the greeter.
DrCurry, Sep 26 2007

       Right, I thought about that too. But then, a warm greeting at an airport? How nice is that? Plus, in a situation like this, it is very often the traveler is not exactly sure which Super 8 Motel she will be staying at.   

       How about a delivery option: at airport (with bag and smile), or hotel room (unpacked, pressed and laid out).
globaltourniquet, Sep 26 2007

       Options please. I may not know where my hotel is, but if there is not a hotel shuttle to the airport, the taxi driver or car rental clerk will know. And they have big signs over their heads and lots of in airport directions to where they are. Finding the "Pack my bag for me" person/counter/kiosk is one more stop I would rather avoid at the airport. Also it might be one more line for me to stand in. The faster I get out of the airport, the better.   

       Also I don't really want to greet a stranger at the airport. I am probably already on my cell phone with my client and don't really want to talk to anyone else.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 26 2007

       Why not have the bags neatly packed into the trunk of vehicle waiting to take you to your hotel of choice... with a lovely french maid waiting in the back seat to press and hang it when you get in?   

       Variations would of course be available for individuals with special needs...
ye_river_xiv, Nov 02 2008

       Upgrade the idea: "I have a meeting in XYZ on DD/MM/YY at HH:MM. Take care of me - book accomodation, pack my bags,take me there, bring me back home(( (or take me to ABC next)."
kamathln, Nov 03 2008

       ...and attend the meeting for me.
wagster, Nov 03 2008

       Wagster: I wish I could bun your anno.
kamathln, Nov 03 2008

       That's ok, just donate to one of my ideas :)
wagster, Nov 03 2008

       Amazing. I haven't seen this idea before, but i have to say that to me, it looks like an ideal method of achieving mass destruction on planes and moving illegal substances around, which is why i've voted against it. If it was in an "evil" category, it'd make sense to vote for it.
nineteenthly, Nov 03 2008

       I think you've missed the point. You collect your pre-ordered bag at your *destination* - the bag never flies.
wagster, Nov 03 2008

       //it looks like an ideal method of achieving mass destruction on planes and moving illegal substances around// We could ship coals to Newcastle, in this fashion.
4whom, Nov 03 2008

       I understand that now, sorry i missed it. Even so, you could still ship drugs in it.
nineteenthly, Nov 03 2008

       It would be the perfect way of shipping drugs.   

       "I'm flying from Karachi to Heathrow on Thursday - could you have four kilos of heroin waiting for me at arrivals please? Thanks."
wagster, Nov 03 2008

       We have come upon hard times, this idea needs to reflex that. You get to the airport and go to a Rent-A-Bag rack. One side is for men and the other women. The bags are marked sm, med, lg and xlg, maybe even business or pleasure. You put in your credit card in the slot and pay a deposit and select a bag. The bag contains clothes appropriate to the climate and the area. At the end of your trip you return the bag to the rack put in your credit card and you are charged the daily rental and the deposit is credited back to you.
theGem, Nov 03 2008

       Actually, this idea doesn't need to reflect that "we've fallen upon hard times", it is aimed at the affluent.
Spacecoyote, Nov 03 2008


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