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No checked baggage flights

Passengers board with one small piece of carry on baggage.
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Have flights that do not permit any checked baggage. Once at your destination you could buy the clothes and stuff you need. On your return you can send your junk home with a package shipper via cargo ship. The airline could sell the cargo space to bulk shippers, or perhaps modified aircraft could hold more passengers, so tickets should be cheaper. Time would be saved at check-in and screening.

If you really need stuff from home on your trip it could be shipped to your hotel by a package delivery company.

This would improve efficiency as package delivery and passenger delivery functions would be handled by companies that specialize in those areas.

Money allocated to baggage handlers, and baggage handling machinery could be used for other things.

Shappelle Corby situations would be much less likely.

This is in effect a 100% courier flight system.

geo8rge, Jun 21 2005

(?) This is already being addressed by the corporate boys... http://www.mcsweeneys.net/
...See today's McSweeney's. [normzone, Aug 14 2006]


       Pro's: Quick, fool-proof (at the airport and on the plane), makes for an intersting holiday   

       Con's: Expensive to buy all clothes whilst on holiday, Who wants to spend the whole holiday cloths shopping anyway (that may get the wrong response I suspect), original problem solved (i.e. No lost luggage) occurs on return flight.   

       No vote yet.
Germanicus, Jun 21 2005

       Why not just pull an Anne Frank and wear all the clothes you're going to need? Or put your clothes in those bags where you attach your vaccum cleaner and remove all the air, thus making it smaller?   

       Bun for weird and wonderful mental images...
froglet, Jun 21 2005

       Boarding would be a nightmare. Everytime I get on a plane there's a fight for overhead locker space anyway. Once you have no check-in, imagine how much stuff people are going to try to sneak onboard.
oldchina, Jun 22 2005

       Don't have any seats, just sit on the suitcases.
Ling, Jun 22 2005

       //Naked holidays//   

       I think they're called 'clothing optional holidays' nowadays, just to nit-pick a bit...
froglet, Jun 22 2005

       An airline luggage policy does not an invention make, really.
bristolz, Jun 22 2005

       *bristolz* Is correct this is more of a business plan (with a halfbaked economic justification) than an invention.   

       I think the no baggage deal could be considered a bonus to those going on a clothes shopping spree to Hong Kong or Italy.   

       Due to globalization the cost of clothes is actually quite low. If you figure that the cost of your suit case and cargo handling fee is $200, I think you might be better off buying clothes at your destination. There might even be some thing like buy on the net before you leave and pick up when you arrive duty free. Also note that you have other costs and hassles like storing your luggage when you are at home that are felt but not accounted for.
geo8rge, Jun 22 2005

       Courriers ship packages on airplanes, in the cargo bay. Just like your checked bags. Checking the bag is better since there's already a plane going where you are, and less middlemen & pickup & dropoff involved.   

       You may get the effect you're looking for simply by taking this "lets all" idea and morphing it into a "lets all" charge passengers for any checked bags.
sophocles, Jun 22 2005

       //where does the passport go?// I believe you can buy shoes with pockets in them, specifically for people who 'prefer to view clothing as optional'.
moomintroll, Jun 23 2005

       Thong, flip-flops, passport and credit card under the soles of your feet. Now, where in Siberia am I going?
gnomethang, Jun 23 2005

       I did once post a "no luggage" idea - all luggage mailed or on a separate flight. Forgotten why I deleted it now.
DrCurry, Jun 23 2005

       No baggage is excessive...why not have a better screening method. Put all baggages in a blast chamber and feed the whole thing with microwaves. If there is anything illicit, it would be destroyed. It would mean no metal, no electronics and no chemicals in your luggage. The only things allowed would be clothing items.
spacifique1, Aug 12 2006

       Tour companies could promote luggage free holidays: no luggage allowed on the charter plane, and disposable clothing is provided for the days of the trip. (For the more ecoconscious, recycled clothing could be available.) The allowable carry-on could be much reduced in size. The tour company could arrange to ship home souvenirs.   

       An advantage of this is that everyone could wear the same clothing at the resort. Thus, no complaints about how other people are dressed!
Yappa, Jun 23 2009


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