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Weird Animal Fossil Reconstruction

Grab bones, make ancient creatures from them.
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The app would feature a screen with various bones on a menu, you'd drag them into a 3D model and create your creature. Might use the skull from a narwhale, the foot bones of a chicken, the body of a snake or whatever. Use your imagination.

Then click "Flesh Out My Creature" and the program would create what it would look like with fur, scales, skin or feathers. (see link for example of what you might come up with)

doctorremulac3, Aug 24 2022

Use bones to make weird animals. https://www.ebaumsw...struction/87255121/
[doctorremulac3, Aug 24 2022]

SwitchZoo https://switchzoo.com/newzoo/zoo.htm
[a1, Aug 26 2022]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Freaky Fossil Creations https://www.google....y+Fossil+Creations!
[a1, Aug 26 2022]

Merge Animals 3D - Mutant Race https://www.google....mals+3D+Mutant+Race
[a1, Aug 26 2022]

Anatomy_20Park [xenzag, Aug 30 2022]


       Now that's weird.   

whatrock, Aug 24 2022

       Then there could be a peer-to-peer connection in the app where your creature could fornicate with someone else's creature and then produce offspring. The offspring could die and decay and be fossilised and their bones could be added to your toolkit. This would encourage users of the app to share with other users so as to grow the variety of bones that they have available, and allow them to create ever more complex and ingenious creatures. Obviously the more different users' creatures you can get your creatures to have sex with, the more evolution there will be and the greater variety of bones you will have available.
pocmloc, Aug 24 2022

       This sounds like bush league, not that I don't love bushes. To be modern and useful, for extinct animals and humans, it should really involve mock CRISPR gene editing, to see what kind of changes are wrought at the DNA level.
4and20, Aug 24 2022

       Isn’t this what the scientists and Paleontologist or whoever already do?
xandram, Aug 25 2022

       Yes, but they don't have a program to do it for them as far as I know.   

       This would be mainly for fun because you could mix and match anything you wanted to create strange beasts like the one in the link.
doctorremulac3, Aug 25 2022

       Like Switchzoo (link) but 3D with fossils? The tech exists and there might be a market for a game like that.   

       Edit - see also "Animal Crossing: New Horizons Freaky Fossil Creations"
a1, Aug 26 2022

       Cool links, thanks a1.
doctorremulac3, Aug 26 2022

       //it should really involve mock CRISPR gene editing, to see what kind of changes are wrought at the DNA level. //   

       [4and20], you want "Merge Animals 3D - Mutant Race" ... available on iOS and Android.
a1, Aug 26 2022

Voice, Aug 29 2022

       read my idea...... link
xenzag, Aug 30 2022


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