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Whale Dive

Why whales seek the comfort pressure
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A save the universe movie from an extraterrestrial POV, on the cusp of interstellar travel and the gravitational power held in that technology.

Empathizing with the beings starts with the struggle with their culture and the resources travel would free up. The bottom up societal structure tries to equate everyone, not allowing uniqueness to shine for the health of the culture overall. There is a large pressure to conform.

Having a triple DNA chromosome, three beings are needed to procreate making offspring a rare and cherished occurrence. Three 'aliens' are the main characters, one of which has the new idea for technological advancement.

The main plot of the movie is the struggled development of both a starship by our followed characters and it's stolen technological offspring, the a gravity bomb, by subversives in the culture. Meanwhile, astronomers discover a planet, third from a star with life and resources plentiful for the societies development. Plans are made for the testing this giant leap forward to this new world.

Our heroes, find out about the developing collateral damage and hatch a plan to acquire the bomb and take it off world during interstellar testing. The plot hints are now fully illuminated, that one of our trio has deep ties to subversives. It modifies the bomb.

The starship is a success and reaches the vicinity of third planet and promptly explodes , A gravity wave crushes through the solar system, heavy life on the planet dies off. Some life protected by water goes onto evolve and flourish.

wjt, Oct 12 2019


       //Having a triple DNA strand, three beings are needed to procreate// Alas, that makes no sense. Bacteria (like most things) have good old-fashioned two-strand DNA, yet they usually replicate alone (because they have no morals).
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 13 2019

       The complex bases have two joining edges/sets of sites, not just one.
wjt, Oct 13 2019

       Yes, and why does that necessitate 3 parents? When humans breed (which they insist on doing, despite there being plenty of them already), it's not as if each contributes one strand of a double helix.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 13 2019

       //yet they usually replicate alone (because they have no morals)//   

       Sp. casually
Skewed, Oct 13 2019

       // usually replicate alone //   

       They are practising onanism - it's because they are on their own.
DenholmRicshaw, Oct 13 2019

       It's been three billion years - you'd think they'd have got the hang of it by now.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 13 2019

       Maybe, three strands is more resilient to radiation but during a more randomising exchange, more shielding is needed.   

       Out there, there are so many more possibilities.
wjt, Oct 17 2019

       I don't get it. Is that third planet Earth? Is it realistic for them to be able to detect Mercury? What are the motivations of the characters? What are the effects of the gravity bomb (intended by the leaders, intended by the subversives, and actual)? What does any of this have to do with whales?   

       // onanism //   

       It's only onanism if you promised somebody a kid.
notexactly, Dec 09 2019


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