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What are you smoking?

Enables you to answer that burning *ahem* question
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The other day I read a column which recommended that Dubya "can embrace a Reaganesque politics of joy."

And, since I hardly identify Reagan with "joy," I of course wanted to know what the author was smoking to cause him to think that way.

Now this substance would have to reduce your brain to a pile of goo, enabling it to be reshaped around whatever inane point of view you're trying to grasp. But then, when the effect wears off, it must return your brain to its normal state.

Just think of all the misunderstandings it would clear up! The Middle East, Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, Florida butterfly ballots, the French vs. the English in Quebec, you vs. your parents, etc., etc., etc.

arghblah, Dec 24 2000


       Joy? That's a popular detergent, isn't it?   

       So what are you suggesting? That someone invent a harmless drug that can be held responsible for such articles, or that each article be annotated not just with the author's name, but also with a reliable description of their state of intoxication at the time?
jutta, Dec 25 2000

       Is the question now "What is Arghblah smoking?"
arghblah, Dec 27 2000

       For some reason, I can see an idea in the culture:game show category with this title.
bookworm, Mar 26 2001


       I thought argblah's idea was that there should be some readily-available intoxicant which would mushify my brain, so that I could understand the author's point of view. Upon encountering an incomprehensible article or whatever, I would light up, or inject, and soon it would All Make Perfect Sense. At least until the drugs wore off.
wiml, Mar 26 2001

       I was thinking yet anothe addition to Bud's (in)famous wassup series. "What are YOU smoking?!!"
nick_n_uit, Mar 26 2001

       now we know why it's called DOPE.......
mr shrum, Mar 26 2001

       Yeah, but wiml, that exists already. It's called alcohol. And pot, probably, although I wouldn't know.   

       I suspect a lot of this may be happening for me this week: I've just spent a day and a half setting up for the University Real Ale Society Beer Festival. You know it's going to be a good event when you have to spend a morning with plastic and hardboard, waterproofing the floor! <homer> Mmmm! 80 casks of beer </homer>
Rugrat, Feb 24 2002

       Now, that is hilarious!
quantum_flux, Nov 20 2007

       If this drug exsisted, it would take away the phrase "What are you smoking?". And trust me, I use it a LOT!!!
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 20 2007


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