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What's That Smell?

a series of amusing celebrity interviews for a delightful new magazine of the same name
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Find a celebrity that u wish to have a discussion with - the least liked the better. Before the interview prepare the following:

Find a microphone that you can screw the top off of. Once removed, insert a small piece of dog or similar animal shit. Return the tip of the microphone in place.

Approach the subject during the pre-arranged interview, and ask your first question. The microphone should be then placed in front of the celebrity's nose/mouth area.

Their answer will be "What's that smell?". Record this, finish the interview immediately and move to the next celebrity.

Collate the celebrity responses in a magazine with photographs of their upturned grimaces as you unwittingly stick dog shit in their face.

benfrost, May 28 2005

What's that hill? What_27s_20That_20Hill_3f
This is a completely unrelated idea. [hippo, May 28 2005]

Spoken Word Performance Video of the idea above: What's That Smell? http://www.youtube....watch?v=FNn7HUHPFTQ
spoken word by ben frost @ pet cemetary at the oxford art factory, feb 7th 2008 [benfrost, Feb 12 2008]

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       So, we have the 'what', 'where' and 'who', but I don't get the 'why'.
Basepair, May 28 2005

       I'm just glad it wasn't v. j. he wanted em to smell.
blissmiss, May 29 2005

       Oak Tree, Your'e in my way.   

       w/ a needle & a spoon, & a trip, to the moon.   

       I know, I know, I KNOW.   

       oh, tell me mamma, why do you stand there cryin'?
Zimmy, May 29 2005

       it would be interesting from the perspective that no matter who u interviewed, the first response would invariably be 'what's that smell?'. the interview would be cut there, so the only thing they have to say is a common assertation on the cult of celebrity, and the accompanying shit smell of the media
benfrost, Jun 01 2005


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