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Where are they?

Hm. I'll wait another five minutes...
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A feature I have seen missing from instant messengers: average log-on time. Not as in hours logged in. Its the average time that a user connects to the messaging service. It could be included in the user's profile. Now you don't have to wait forever and have your friend not show up.
ghillie, May 04 2004


       sad bastard ;)
squeak, May 04 2004

       There, I changed it. What's up, [squeak]?
ghillie, May 04 2004

       Oh, it's "friend" now is it. How scary are you?
squeak, May 04 2004

       It was a joke. I'm cursed with 'dark humor'. :p
ghillie, May 04 2004

       What? Sorry [half]. I'm logged in now, at h+e+y_y+o+u_n+i+c+k@hotmail.com Just take out the +'s. Go ahead and chat with me, if you have that strange urge. Uh, but make sure you include the underscores.   

       I'm offline now, but you can e-mail me if you want.
ghillie, May 04 2004


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