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Whiteley Chair of Logology

2 from the top, one from the bottom
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In honour of the passing of the great "twice nightly" Richard Whiteley, I propose an academic chair of logology so that his excellent work on standards of spelling can be continued after his passing.

Can't believe that this British institution is no more. Rest easy Richard.

jonthegeologist, Jun 26 2005

Surely his subject? http://dictionary.r...arch?r=2&q=logology
[jonthegeologist, Jun 26 2005]

Sad news of Richard's passing http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4625119.stm
[jonthegeologist, Jun 26 2005]

Countdown Website http://www.thecountdownpage.com/index.htm
[jonthegeologist, Jun 26 2005]

famously bitten by a ferret http://www.thisisth...eatures/ferret.html
[po, Jun 26 2005]

Countdown http://en.wikipedia...own_%28game_show%29
for the UK-impaired [calum, Jun 27 2005]

Play the letters game online! http://rob.rubberfeet.org/b3ta/countdown/
[calum, Jun 27 2005]

her tribute made me cry. http://breakingnews...7526466&p=y475z7y7z
[po, Jun 27 2005]


po, Jun 26 2005

       Come again?
Texticle, Jun 27 2005

       Wow. I must have been gone a long time: never heard of this guy.
DrCurry, Jun 27 2005

       British word, logology? Same thing as linguistics, or nearly so, as I recall linguistics. Anyway, props to the fans of Sir Whiteley.
reensure, Jun 27 2005

       Hum, wha' the hey? Oh yeah, a man nearing a wedding date.   

       I'll give you a little latitude, but the rest is up to Hazel.
blissmiss, Jun 27 2005

       //Same thing as linguistics, or nearly so, as I recall linguistics// No, linguistics is the study of language (literally tongues) as a whole - logology is the study of words.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 27 2005

       Farewells (as in 'fond').   

       (9 letters)
Jinbish, Jun 27 2005

       Dolefully (sad)   

       (9 letters)
jonthegeologist, Jun 27 2005

(9 letters)
calum, Jun 27 2005

       Cardialgy worriment? (9 and 9 letters)
jonthegeologist, Jun 27 2005

(9 letters)

He was famously not blown up in the Grand Hotel, Brighton in 1984 although he was standing in the hotel bar at the time.
DrBob, Jun 27 2005

       <obligatory titular misreading> I misread this as "Whirley Chair of Logology" - perhaps because I am currently sitting on a whirley (i.e. rotating) chair. </otm>
hippo, Jun 27 2005

       Keeping one foot ahead of the other, I trust. [hippo]
(9 letters - chiropody), (8 letters - podiatry)
Disclaimer: I have no idea how that game is played + I'd add that it seems a bit oversophisticated for US audiences.
reensure, Jun 27 2005

       Shameless Cravatier (9 and 9)   

       ... alright, 'Cravatier' doesn't exist, but it should and if it did then RW would be one of the all-time greats. (note to people without my warped sense of the English language: he was famous for having a large collection of ties) (500ish apparently).
moomintroll, Jun 27 2005

       Spelling's going to get a lot better in heaven.
wagster, Jun 27 2005

       Last week I got a nine letter word watching Countdown after years of pathetic failure.   


       And right after he dies. Coincidence? You tell me.   

       For those jokes and those ties spelling ought to get a lot better in hell.
harderthanjesus, Jun 27 2005

       sp: heaven
po, Jun 27 2005


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