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Wide Body Kit

Custom Wide Body Kits for cars
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Ever think about making your car stand out in a crowd? What about a custom body kit? With a body kit you'll surely stands out. All eyes will be on you as you cruise past the mall. Everyone'll be talking about your ride in no time! But there isn't much new variety out there. How about a company specializing in wide body kits! There isn't a true all wide body kit company out there. It gives your car a much more agressive look. Think about how much attention will a muscled looking Geo Metro going down the street would be!
asiangod, Oct 16 2002

Chick Magnet http://www.amcpacer...-wide-small-car.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

My car http://www.millenni...nts.com/grx/CAR.JPG
. o 0 O All eyes will be on me as I cruise past the mall [thumbwax, Oct 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Miata mod http://www.mopar-ow...rious/miata_cad.jpg
I immediately thought of this one [krelnik, Oct 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Buddha on wheels
thumbwax, Oct 16 2002

       Hey[thumb] nice motor..where's the doors?
skinflaps, Oct 16 2002

       If you really want to stand out, drive a car made out of the skulls of finches.
calum, Oct 16 2002

       It gives you car a much more *sad* look. Let me guess, you would also like to buy some lime green paint and some UV lights to bolt on underneath. Massive.
sild, Oct 16 2002

       Just eat too much for too long.   

       Whassat? Oh, For cars.
PeterSilly, Oct 16 2002

       Would several cases of Twinkies qualify as a wide body kit?   

       If we're actually talking about after market body panels then this thing is as baked as Twinkies. Would [asiangod] care to elaborate?
half, Oct 16 2002

       That Miata is amazing. I want it.
bristolz, Oct 16 2002

       I used to have one.   

       It was the top end of touring bikes at the time..."Myata" But is was an amazing machine itself.
hollajam, Oct 16 2002

       Lame. Stop following the rice boy flock so concerned with superficial image. The money would be better spent by upgrading your suspension or engine performance.
dag, Oct 17 2002

       <Come and get me Coppers>Correctamundo - best to drive a "Sleeper" - a car that doesn't look like a Red Flag, but is a monster under the sheet metal, just as one should me a monster under the sheets</Come and get me Coppers>
thumbwax, Nov 06 2002

       Yes, "sleepers" are a great concept. Awesome for tempting all the kills who were sure they were going to be the killer. Being a car enthusiast myself, I think that most top class "ricers" that actually care about all around features of the car, including performance and looks, deserve more respect for the images they portray with thier vehichles. The sport-compact world has become an art form for the serious enthusiast. I think that you'll find, if you talk to most import tuners who are the perfectionists of the crowd or "ricers", you find that they first care about performance and last looks. However, after you have a car pushing around 1k hp/torque, why are they hated on when they decide to upgrade looks to every aspect of the imagination. It only makes sense to complement peformance with great looks. Why do people buy ferrari when they could take a busted ass old schooI car and run single digits in the 1/4? B/C it looks hot! Why is a big reason it looks hot? The wide body. I think the real result for the tuner who completes the performance and detailed looks of their project car is not someone concerned with "superficial image", but someone who is a perfectionist, and has pride in every aspect of their auto.Certainly they will draw criticism from those who have half the power and half the looks (if those people are lucky). A wide body manufacturer for all types of autos would be a great oppourtunity for the entreprenuer determined enough to succeed. I would love to add a wide body to every performance car I ever owned or plan on owning that didn't have it. But they are currently made upon request, so its hard to see the outcome, unless you can produce images yourself. Granted, the "rice boy" or broke person who likes good looks should probably spend their money on performance first. Lets remember that they probably only upgrade looks b/c that's all they can afford so even though it is fun to crack on them, if they had money they would most likely produce an amazing performance car. Check out this link for an amazing performance car, with a wide body kit. www.speedhawaii.com/sp.cgi?c=alexnguyenrx7112502.htm (copy and paste)
i'm4widebody, Mar 04 2003

       You could always try making your own out of fiberglass (GRP for those on the other side of the "pond"). If you use gelcoat you won't even need to paint it.
whlanteigne, Jun 06 2003

       i can't visualise this in any way that avoids looking stupid. there are many wide kits on the market for making cars seem bigger and many of them ruin the look of the car already. adding too much plastic to the sides of a car will look bad as the car itself will still have the same width internally. make it too wide and opening the doors will require clever or ugly modifications.
this is either baked or stupid (depending on how wide it is) -
stilgar, May 15 2004

       I'm4widebody, your link doesn't appear to work. At any rate, I can't believe that this isn't baked. Me, I don't really like most widebody kits, but some people do, so I'm staying neutral on this one.
5th Earth, May 15 2004

       It's already happened on an Acura NSX and other models (I think they did it on a Ford Focus, too.) Baked.
croissantz, Aug 21 2004

       It's been around for a while, but remember it's wider. Imagine squizzing the car through a car park and forget about how wide it is. It's like a trailer, not everyone can use one.   

       It's cool
dave950, Sep 01 2004


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