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Wifi Alarm Clock

A Personalized Way to Start Your Day
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By combining technologies like RSS, Atomic Time, Weather, Traffic, Wireless Networks and music/video files and playlists from a local server, we can create a wifi alarm clock that allows us to create customizations from a local desktop computer. The clock would have software accessible from a browser that lets the user customize what plays when the alarm goes off. The user then also has the ability what should happen after the first, second or N time they hit their snooze button. The choices that are available are unlimited, but here are a few examples:

- Play music from a playlist. - Play a specific mp3 file which could be an autodownloaded podcast, RSS feed, recorded mp3 file with music or even an educational sound file ie conversational japanese. - Read snippets of news from RSS audio feeds. - Give weather updates or traffic updates from real-time feeds.

An example usage of this might be as follows:

A user sets their alarm for 6am. When it goes off, the initial sound level is set to 35 decibals and they hear their favorite classical music softly in the background until they hit snooze. The alarm goes off in 12 minutes which is what the user set the snooze level to. This time, it's starts a second playlist which is of rock and roll to get the user feeling more awake and the sound is set to a higher 80 decibals. (I'm not sure what decent decibal ratings are, these are just examples, but you get the idea.) The user hits snooze again. This time, they hit the snooze bar again and the device is smart enough to know that it's already snoozed and it should progress to the next stage. This tells the alarm clock they are awake and would like to start hearing their customized news. It begins by playing the top 5 tech news stories from RSS audio feeds that they've downloaded overnight from a London site. When that finishes, it gives the user a traffic update and goes on to play yet a third playlist assuming that the user by this time is out of bed and has started their morning workout. It plays the twenty minute set playlist and goes to it's final selected mp3 file which is a prerecorded message from his mother saying, "Have a great day at work honey, don't forget your lunch!"

klibeson, May 12 2006


       Ok, can I customize the length of snooze? My current clock is 8minutes-I want a 15-20minute snooze button.
AH, May 12 2006

       You should be able to set the following parameters:   

       1 - Snooze button action at alarm time and each sequential action based on whether the snooze has been activated.   

       2 - The length of each snooze period for any specified number of snoozes.   

       3 - The volume level for each snooze.   

       4 - The media input for each snooze whether it be RSS, playlist, mp3, alarm noise, radio, etc.
klibeson, May 12 2006

       In the shape of a golf ball, so you can use it as one for your days off?
Dub, Jun 04 2007


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