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Wiki Video Editing

Enable multiple contributors to collaborate on a video resource.
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This has been bouncing around in my head for a while. Usually when I think I have a good idea, it already exists. But I've been googling, and have't found it yet. I imagine a wiki style website were DIYers, web gurus, digital artists, ect come together to create the ultimate video DIY resource. Similar to WikiHow, only it would be dedicated to instructional videos. I really find YouTube videos helpful when tackling a project. But it's often the case that people making how-to videos are good at the project at hand, but maybe not really good at video editing, or even narrating what is happening. Here's how I see the website working. A page would be created for a specific instruction/repair manual. People could upload the raw video files of themselves making or fixing something. Others could cut, and edit the videos to make a comprehensive how-to. Maybe others would be able to add annotations, narration, supplementary booklets, ect. I think the quality of a community driven video resource would far surpass anything an individual can make. Maybe the logistics of having a wiki style video isn't possible? I sure do think it would be neat. You could have interactive markers on the timeline that indicate when and what kind of changes were made to the video. I have no plans to make this a reality, I was just throwing the idea out there in the hopes that someone with the proper know-how could.
andrewdroth, Dec 11 2012


       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [andrewroth].   

       The first thing that came to my mind is Rule 34.
normzone, Dec 11 2012

       I had to google Rule 34 but after doing so I admit this came to my mind too.   

       I am also thinking of that video re-edit where the guy reviewing a burger from 5 guys becomes a soulful R&B song. Pretty much all the instructional videos should either get the Rule 34 treatment, R&Bization, or both.
bungston, Dec 11 2012


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