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video creation communities
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The You2bakery community helps build great youtube vids, according to your script.

options: free-text script entry, or: auto script maker

includes: Sceens, Backgrounds, Actors, Conversation, Sounds.

You can automatically generate a youtube that has the texts and actors as described. (its just a text presentation.)

The site has place for community members to "plug in to sections" of the script and you can see the embedded bookmarks which open to a full youtube vid of that section, be it an animation or actual implementation of the script with real actors, and visual art.

The scripts are in categories -

and like HB there's a recently entered script, and votes on each script.

(Note: Originally posted with a few other ideas, that entry is being phased out...)

pashute, Jul 21 2013

OK boys, lets get some pictures https://www.youtube...watch?v=8tHSnyYD90o
[pashute, Jul 25 2013]


       For obscure reasons all videos must be shot with the lead bit wearing red sunglasses.
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2013

pashute, Jul 23 2013

       Think Bono.
RayfordSteele, Jul 24 2013


       Oh, U2.   

       What's a "lead bit"?   

       I read it: lead - as in the element Pb - Plumbum, and was thinking about a bullet (bit) made of lead being shot by someone with red glasses.   

       The British take a photograph and enlarge it, the Americans shoot a picture and blow it up.
pashute, Jul 25 2013


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