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Following the principals of YouTube (streaming clips), YouDecide would focus on posting videos that people request to see.

Members would post a request that appears on a list on the main page. Other members would vote for/against wanting that clip posted.

Members could either source that viedo and post it online as a reply to the request, or actually make the video themselves and post it.

People on one side of the world could request to see specific clips of things/places on the other side (news, concerts, celebrations etc), or people may request to see reviews on new products (phones, game consoles, mp3 players etc). The possibilities are really endless.

shinobi, Jan 16 2007

domainsurfer: ^showmeyour* http://www.domainsu...?dom=%5Eshowmeyour*
What do people want to be shown? You guessed it. [jutta, Jan 16 2007]


       YouDecide... Well i want to see "You" eat 1000 garden variety ants.... vote now [+]
Dmedia, Jan 16 2007

       Is www.showmeyourboobs.com already taken?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 16 2007

       Heh, and you can find a link for engagement rings on there."I'm engaged to a pair of boobs"
skinflaps, Jan 16 2007

       A video of your choice and a croissant for you. [+]
flynn, Jan 16 2007


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