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Wiki by Request

A way to expand the internet in useful ways.
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So, a lot of the time, when you're searching for something incredibly obscure (like, say, a Mac OS X Modula-2 compiler or a quick Smalltalk-76 tutorial) the pages simply don't exist. I propose a bulletin-board type site where people (registered users, I suppose, maybe even by invite only like Gmail) can post requests for sites and information that they can't find, kind of a to-do list.

Other users could then browse the list for requests in their area of expertise and then, if they have time, write up the tutorial or page or essay that's been requested, posting it on their own server or on their own account at the to-do site wiki and take down the "note" on the bulletin board. Experts would come along and check behind the users to make sure the facts are straight, and if not, edit accordingly (wouldn't want Wikipedia's headaches all over again). Users are notified by email when their "note" is completed and taken down.

kevinlipe, Mar 07 2006

Kinda baked. http://www.allexperts.com/
[egbert, Mar 07 2006]


       There are plenty of sites that already accommodate requests for custom items like this. You just have to be prepared to pay something for them.
DrCurry, Mar 07 2006

       I guess I didn't really convey it in my description, but this is supposed to be a community-based thing... I guess that would be the difference in this and those pay sites.
kevinlipe, Mar 07 2006

       USENET (and various mailing lists in a specific area of expertise) currently fill some of that function.   

       Would be pretty stupid to take things down once they're produced.   

       Seems to me you want something for nothing here. If I do unpaid work, I damn better do what I want, not what someone else wants.
jutta, Mar 07 2006

       [jutta] the posting itself isn't taken down, just the note asking for the information... the real article stays.
kevinlipe, Mar 07 2006

       Kinda baked - see link. There is a question-and-answer archive, which seems to fulfil the function you describe. You can also rate how helpful the answer was to you. The only difference seems to be that the experts answer the questions themselves. I suppose in the long run it's easier than checking and correcting someone else's work.
egbert, Mar 07 2006

       [egbert] Is it me, or does allexperts.com kinda suck? I can't find any previous questions or their answers. The search window just leads you to category headings and experts' profiles. I would feel silly sending in a question without knowing whether it had been asked (or answered) already.   

       [edit] I take that back. I just happened to search for things that hadn't been answered. You also have to open the 'Question Archive' before you can search questions/answers.
spidermother, Mar 08 2006


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