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let the world know how stupid your co-workers really are
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Many of us probably come home each night and complain to our spouses about how stupid our co-workers are. I think this especially happens if you are in IT and are faced with a complete lack of competency by management/project leaders/etc. and so on.

Well, here's your chance to find out how your co-workers rank among the stupidest workers from around the world. Post your story (changing names to protect the innocent - and your job) to see if your company's numbskull can top the bonehead moves of others.

Categories can be set, votes can be cast, and laughs(and moans) can be had when the truth comes out......

rkw77, Jul 10 2001

(?) Dilbert: List of the Day http://umweb2.unite...ert/lotd/index.html
The general forum Mephista and UnaBubba are talking about. [jutta, Jul 10 2001]

(?) Jennifer Finke: i work with idiots http://www.undersho...ledisplay.cfm?ID=24
She's in the zone. [jutta, Jul 10 2001]

(?) British Yahoo Club on the subject. http://uk.clubs.yah...ubs/iworkwithidiots
[jutta, Jul 10 2001]

(?) US Yahoo Club on the subject, sort of. http://clubs.yahoo....monobrow2ksgimpclub
Not all that active. I guess people read "Gimp" and think "Pulp Fiction". [jutta, Jul 10 2001]

Shark Tank (ComputerWorld) http://www.computerworld.com/sharky
Not just about cow-orkers. [Dewey, Jul 10 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) The Chronicles of George http://chroniclesof....nanc.com/index.htm
His name is George. Actually, his name is not George. [Jim, Jul 10 2001]

And if that doesn't work... http://www.halfbake.../idea/Glazed_20Eyes
this is a bit of vanity for me - but should stop your idiot co-worker from babbling at you anyway. [lewisgirl, Jul 10 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I REALLY REALLY like this idea. I hate my job and coworkers.
AfroAssault, Jul 10 2001

       My co-workers are great....of course...I do all the hiring so if they were idiots, it would be MY fault! (One or two idiots have made it through the interview process and been hired....they don't last long....we are cruel people :-)
Susen, Jul 10 2001

       From one job to another, from one psychopath to another. Same difference.
thumbwax, Jul 10 2001

       Unless you worked as a porn actor.
hippo, Jul 10 2001


       RodsT: become a superhero, clothes are optional and contact with people is minimal.
El Pedanto, Jul 10 2001

       www.ilivewithidiots.com would be more appropriate for me.   

       If you wanted to hoover your living room, and there were no plug sockets free, which of these would you unplug to make room for it?:   

       1) TV
2) VCR
3) Playstation
4) Fridge-freezer

       And would you plug it back in when you were done hoovering?
-alx, Jul 10 2001

       telling social commentary. would you be active participant in theatre of cruelty by just complaining... woe's me or would you actually think of solution. on this one I think you're still part of the problem.. . i don't think idiots realize that they're idiots and you're an idiot for not helping yourself get out of the situation... it's part of your ego... part of being human maybe (?)
sunnier16, Jul 10 2001

       The only reason I'm still at my job is so I can get even more racist, misogynistic comments out of the idiot who owns the company in full view and within hearing range of witnesses i.e. coworkers. Today he said he was going to make my life a living hell in front of 6 people quite loudly. The method to his madness is to get people to quit, but to cover his tracks by threatening people who need their jobs with expulsion. Complete psycho. I guess he's forgotten my Mother just retired from working for my attorney, who is my Fathers best friend. Shame is, my attorney is 150 miles away. I'd love to see him (he's an excellent former Judge - went back to practicing law on his own accord) go after this guy personally instead of having to refer it to an attorney in another County... and he's even more vicious than the soon to be former employer that I'm going to wipe my ass with.
thumbwax, Jul 10 2001

       [sunnier16] - Let me be the first to point out that this is not a "woe is me" whine fest.   

       You are missing the simple fact that we can all learn from reading these stupid acts of idiocy that are committed each day in the workplace. We can even direct the idiot to this site to let them read and realize the errors of their ways so that they are not repeated (which is an annoying tendency of idiots I've found)   

       "By exposing the ugly truth we take the first steps to a solution" - J.P. Idiot
rkw77, Jul 11 2001

       Plus some of the stories are really funny.
nick_n_uit, Jul 11 2001

       and to [waugsqueke's] "I'd rather complain than do anything about it":   

       Entering your idiot's bonehead moments into this site is a form of stress relief that sure beats going home and kicking the dog in frustration - or coming back to work the next day with a mini arsenal and blowing them all away!   

       --not taking the time to realize implications of an idea before criticizing it: #48 in the series "My life sucks and I'd rather complain than do anything about it".   

       -- it seems you probably have more than 50 of these 'eh?
rkw77, Jul 11 2001

       Once again, the point is that this is a constructive way to make light of a situation that can be annoying sometimes to almost unbearable at other times. And you can learn what not to do from the experiences of others.   

       As far as blowing away the co-workers - can you say s a r c a s m ? ? ?
rkw77, Jul 11 2001

       I'm content. In my office, the idiots have to work with me.
The Military, Jul 12 2001

       "Happy little moron,
doesn't give a damn.
Wish *I* was a moron...
What the hell, I guess I am."

       [Addendum: Learnt this rhyme at my mother's knee. I have no idea where she learned it.]
Dog Ed, Jul 12 2001

       Beautiful doggerel, Ed.
The Military, Jul 12 2001

       "Happy little moron,
doesn't give a damn.
Wish *I* was a moron...
What the hell, I guess I am."

       [Addendum: Learnt this rhyme at my mother's knee. I have no idea where she learned it.]
Dog Ed, Jul 12 2001


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