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An encyclopedia of incorrectness
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I'm sure we're all familiar with the Wikipedia, a user-submitted encyclopedia that has far better pictures on it than World Book's or Britannica's websites. That, and it's mostly correct.

In the interest of public ignorance, I propose a counterweight to the wikipedia and other books of "fact:" the Wikiwrongea. Users would submit complete and total lies about people, places, and things that might potentially be true (e.g: "Charles, Prince of Wales. Born with four testicles...")

An editorial board would, with the help of corrections submitted by other users, remove all obvious untruths ("his green skin is a symptom of a chronic algae infection").

shapu, Oct 08 2004

Here's a fun slice of lying, Im not sure how it fits in. http://brainsluice....om/moonlanding.html
[dentworth, Oct 08 2004]

Disinfopedia http://www.disinfopedia.org/
Surprise: it runs on Wiki [krelnik, Oct 08 2004]

(?) Uncyclopedia http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
fails to meet the "might potentially be true" criterion. Otherwise, pretty close. [calum, Mar 29 2005, last modified Feb 10 2006]

"the Dutch have no concept of rust" http://www.mousehan...e+a+couple+of+girls
[calum, Mar 29 2005]

Applied for wikiwrongea it on WikiDot https://snipboard.io/AgqLO6.jpg
If they approve you can rightly turn it into fact [pashute, Jul 01 2020]


       and digital photography would supply incontrovertable evidence. I'm lovin this idea.
dentworth, Oct 08 2004

       I am the King of Lies. This is perfect for me.
calum, Oct 08 2004

       Reminds me of the Great Hackenthorpe Book of Lies:   

       Did you know that the reason the windows steam up in winter is because of all the fish in the atmosphere?   

       The highest point in the world is only eight feet!   

       etc.etc. As advertised in the "Brand New Monty Python Bok"
wagster, Oct 08 2004

       Not quite what you propose, but related, is a site called Disinfopedia. They catalog web sites, "think tanks" and other human endeavors that have hidden political ties or are otherwise not straightforward about their agenda. See link.
krelnik, Oct 08 2004

       National Enquirer?   

       Funny thing, I was just thinking of adopting "encyclopedia of incorrectness" as a nickname.
half, Oct 08 2004

       The Enquirer? That's nothing. Did you know that their news editor has had two brain surgeries? I'm surprised he can even come up with a coherent sentence anymore.
shapu, Oct 08 2004

AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 29 2005

       You could also produce a quiz game based on this encylopedia with incorrect, but plausible answers. It'd be excellent for upsetting parlour game know it alls.
goldilox, Mar 29 2005

       About Uncyclopedia: own up, who else is there? One of you lot has to be responsible for the custard ICBMs, and the logo in the top left seems somewhat... familiar.
RobertKidney, Mar 29 2005

       Calum once successfully convinced our mum that the Dutch have no concept of rust.
salachair, Mar 29 2005

       The Wikipoodia
JesusHChrist, Mar 31 2005

       Baked -Sean Hannity- except he's not open source.
Chrishnaugh, Apr 15 2005

       seel ink.
pashute, Jul 01 2020

       Can it be true, Uncyclopedia gone?
pocmloc, Jul 01 2020

       It's still there.
nineteenthly, Jul 01 2020


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