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what does this mean

Where people help you understand
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You read something about a prime minister having to do with carcinogenic animal heads, and wonder what it means. After a few searches you are still bewildered. Quora is not the right place to post this too-specific question, and discussing it on the website where you saw it would be off topic. So you head over to wdtm.com give the original place where you saw it, mark the words you want explained or post a screenshot, and people explain it.
pashute, Jul 01 2020


       I suppose, since people have widely varying thinking processes, it will help find a group to converse with. The right meaning being the one held by group chosen.   

       But then again, your here.
wjt, Jul 01 2020

       His here what?   

       How would you know if the explanations were true or not? The answers could be auto-generated, or tautological, or nonsensical, or irrelevant.
pocmloc, Jul 01 2020

       I would live there. I rarely know what anything means. Like what's the meaning of life???
blissmiss, Jul 01 2020

       The meaning of life is procreation. Nothing else matters. If this were not true you would not exist.
Voice, Jul 03 2020

       //carcinogenic animal heads// It might have been related to the story of David Cameron (ex uk pm) and his placing his right-Honorable member into the mouth of a banquet-style suckling pig during some booze-fueled university shenanigans. It may be true, it might not be true. Interestingly, the story was largely put about by Isabel Euphemia Oakeshott, mouthpiece for nefarious right-wing factions of the Tory and UKIP parties (since effectively merged), who all stood to benefit from a blanket smearing of Cameron and associates.
zen_tom, Jul 03 2020

       [2 fries] His shared halfbaked meanings.
wjt, Jul 05 2020

       The meaning of life is 42. This has been proven time and again. Where have you people been anyway?   

       Probably here.
whatrock, Jul 05 2020

       //If this were not true you would not exist.//   

       Non sequitur ipso facto post coitum   

       {posted in memory of the late [MaxwellBuchanan]}
pertinax, Jul 05 2020

       Here here. Thanks zentom. He splained it.   

       So now the remaining question is what does non sequitur mean and how is it connected with max's memory. I'm hear.
pashute, Jul 05 2020

       Well, according to Giggle's translation site, the phrase //Non sequitur ipso facto post coitum// becomes //It does not follow automatically after mating//   

       I think MB would have used the phrase to point out that without mating none of us would exist, but not all mating results in conception.   

       I hope that clears up your confusion, pashute.
Canuck, Jul 06 2020

       I could over-explain it if you like, but then it *definitely* wouldn't be funny any more.
pertinax, Jul 06 2020


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