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A site which looks identical to wikipedia.com where you can write stuff you want people to believe - "Yeah, the moon is hollow - I know, I didn't believe it at first, but look - you can read about all the NASA research on this link".
hippo, Jun 23 2011

The numbers don't lie... http://www.datanume...com/statistic/43253
99% of people think this is a good idea. Look it up. [not_only_but_also, Jun 23 2011]

Uncyclopedia http://uncyclopedia....com/wiki/Main_Page
The content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit! [Wrongfellow, Jun 23 2011]

Collaborative Web Fiction collaborative_20web_20fiction
Similar-ish. [DrBob, Jun 23 2011]

Wikipedia Brown and the Case of the Captured Koala http://adamcadre.ac/content/brown/
Seems relevant. [ytk, Jun 23 2011]


       [+] To an extent this is what Wikipedia is, in that i'm aware of certain facts which are routinely deleted or falsehoods which are regularly inserted in certain articles. For instance, in the village where i come from, factoids regularly appear which are known to be false by most people who live in the village, are deleted and then reinserted. There are more arcane examples of course, and there's a tendency towards groupthink which seems to emerge from the people who are likely to edit it. I suspect that few Amish edit articles about themselves, and consequently it would be fairly straightforward for such articles to drift far from the truth.   

       However, i do like this idea, even if it does sound a bit ranty. I just think it might turn out to be Wikipedia.
nineteenthly, Jun 23 2011

       There could also be Weakipedia, which is sort of, kind of, short of detail. Like: The capital of Columbia (sic) is a name something like Bogart.
xenzag, Jun 23 2011

       Not sure about this. Citation needed.   

       Edit: Absolutely brilliant! The Datanumerics website has just become the authoritative source for settling office arguments.
Twizz, Jun 23 2011

       OMG OMG! I just checked and...   

       1. It is possible to register unicode domain names.   

       2. The domain ѡikipedia.com is available (that 'w' is the unicode #1121;)   

       Halfbakers, unite! We NEED to register this domain name. :)
not_only_but_also, Jun 27 2011

       So, this isn't a focussed website dedicated to women named "Vivika" (or Vivica, or Viveca, or any other variation thereon) so that we might better know all about them, their hopes, their dreams, their motivations and aspirations? We might have overlooked a trending opportunity.
jurist, Jun 28 2011


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