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Wilson & Keppel's Choreographed Roofing Felt

Roofing felt with printed dance steps
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Sometimes the best way to flatten out your roofing felt is to tramp up and down on it, but this has been a tiresome and undisciplined process until now.

Wilson & Keppel's Choreographed Roofing Felt changes the way the material is laid, because it has simple dance step notations printed unto its surface, that anyone's feet can easily follow.

Why not revive and learn the famous Sand-Dance as you and your helpers work your way up down that new garage roof? - see link.
Also available in many other syles, including: "Moon-Walk", "Swan Lake" and "The Harlem Shuffle".

xenzag, Sep 17 2007

Wilson & Keppel's Sand Dance Steps http://www.youtube....watch?v=ftYSMk4BLto
uniforms not included. [xenzag, Sep 17 2007]

Algonquin Range http://www.algonqui...haylushka/canoe.gif
Haylushka Dance Steps variation [xenzag, Sep 17 2007]


       It would be no problem... you and your team would ascend, in the stooped position, normally adopted to negotiate the slope of a pyramid, and thus you would retain the Egyptian theme of this particular dance step. Would make for great evening silhouettes.
xenzag, Sep 17 2007

       oh, [xenzag] you make me laugh.
po, Sep 18 2007

       What about Betty?
coprocephalous, Sep 18 2007

       I propose a rave on the roof!
Noexit, Sep 18 2007


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