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Propellor Buttons

Classy companion to the propellor cap
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The propellor cap is a time-honored component of prop-comedy. Any repertoire of jack-assery is incomplete without the propellor beanie cap, but how much more complete would the get-up be with matching propellor buttons?

The buttons would be manufactured in the same offset color quadrant theme as the beanie hats, orange and green, purple and yellow, red and green, etc etc. Each with a small plastic propellor mounted on a tiny axle fixed in the center of the button.

These buttons could add, not only to the propellor theme, but also to the range of possibilities for situational comedy. I.E:

Business Exec slams attache case down on the table at the committee and exclaims "Damn it Johnson, you haven't heard a damn word of this proposal! You've just been playing with those buttons the whole time!"

... and, you know you'd play with the little propellors if you were wearing them.

MikeD, Apr 04 2008

License to Ill http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beastie_Boys
[normzone, Apr 08 2008]

Propeller Coat Propeller_20coat
Not buttons - a coat [+] [skinflaps, Apr 08 2008]


       + They will go well with my squirting daisy corsage.
xandram, Apr 04 2008

       "Jockin Mike D. to my dismay"   

       Forgive me, I couldn't resist. You probably get a lot of that.
normzone, Apr 04 2008

       Carefull, Norm, I have a liscence to ill.
MikeD, Apr 06 2008

       For a very modest fee I would be willing to do a complete battery of wind tunnel tests for you. Think of the added value to your product if they came with color coded plots of Lift and Drag coefficients!!
Ozone, Apr 07 2008

       I presume that these come with miniature fuel-cell-driven motors? I would like to be able to hover.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2008

       What a nice addition to the beanie cap! You will have to invent something to complement the buttons and hat together. Something, perhaps for the shoes; as in unique laces.
CwP, Apr 08 2008

       What's next, propellor epaulets?
Canuck, Apr 08 2008

Weren't they a Motown act?
coprocephalous, Apr 08 2008

       [Maxwell] Theses models are finger powered, although a motorised version is in the works.   

       [CwP] one could always put a couple of propellor buttons in a pair of penny loafers.
MikeD, Apr 09 2008

       Dang, I was just going to propose propellor earrings, those 'flesh tube' thingies people sometimes get to have humongous holes in their lobes.
RayfordSteele, Apr 09 2008

       only problem: how well would those propellors fit through button-holes? it would have to be something you put on top of the button AFTER you button something up instead of being the actual button itself...but yea, show me a guy wearing a shirt with propellor buttons on a windy day, and i'll be a kid in a candy store. :D
drummac88, Apr 10 2008


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