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Window sill day-bed

For all day basking
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I have spent most of the last week recuperating in bed after a scalpel-jockey went berserking inside my head. For most of this period I have been accompanied by Mr. Spock in his usual spot on the window sill (a feline, you understand, having a Vulcan in one's bedroom would be entirely inappropriate). While I have been in my shady bedroom and staring at the sky, Mr. Spock has been carefully observing the comings and goings in the world below, basking in the sunshine and dozing languidly in the heat from the radiator below. I can't help but feel that he has had the advantage over me.

When I build my next house the window sills on the upper floors will be soft, padded, wide and sturdy enough to accomodate me in comfort, affording me a warm and comfortable view of the street below.

I shall also stop working and spend up to eight hours a day there, dozing and watching the world go by.

wagster, Oct 22 2005

For outdoorsy types Human_20Window_20Box
From ‘the other home: bed category’, courtesy of [squeak]. [Shz, Oct 23 2005]

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       I have a vague memory of a bed under a window and watching the snow descending...
po, Oct 22 2005

       When you have built this house, and of course incorporated all the 'Film Noir' features into it, please start building one for me too. Have a delicious warm butter-oozing croisant to eat whilst you sit there.
dbmag9, Oct 22 2005

       Have no fear, I shall employ my architect to spend a week browsing the 'bakery before putting pen to paper.
wagster, Oct 22 2005

       It's pretty common to have a window bed in a bay window. A good friend has one in her kitchen. They are great for hanging out, napping, recuperating, and also quite baked.
oxen crossing, Oct 22 2005

       Yeah, I've always wanted a window seat too.
PollyNo9, Oct 22 2005

       So <licks self> baked!
The Kat, Oct 23 2005

       only one warning,: a rail on the outeredge- or one fall out of bed may be your last.
dentworth, Oct 23 2005

       I'm sorry to have missed this the first time round, if only because I could have gloated about already having one of these. Not only that but, because my penthouse suite overlooks the valley below, I've probably got a much better view to bask in than wagster has. Ahhh, the luxury!
DrBob, Feb 16 2011

       I've flagged [Brandon Mitchel]'s link because it seems to be spam. As do all of his/her links.   

       (edit) [FlyingToaster] has already said this elsewhere.
spidermother, Feb 16 2011

       I wouldn't quite call baked on this. A //window bed in a bay window// is subtly different from a //window sill ... padded ... wide and sturdy enough ...//. Such differences can, well, make a difference.   

       I'm a big fan of wide and sturdy windowsills, because they are useful places to put things, rather than being fiddly and annoying. I'm also a fan of beds in little nooks (+).
spidermother, Feb 16 2011

       //I shall also stop working and spend up to eight hours a day there, dozing and watching the world go by.//   

       You will, however, have to resort to rubbing up against people for food.   

MikeD, Feb 16 2011


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