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Windshield Shaver

An easier way to clean the interior windshield.
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My problem is this: I have trouble doing a good job cleaning the interior glass on my car, both front and rear windshields. Because of the angle of the glass it's nearly impossible for me to get a good, streak free clean from top to bottom and both sides. Plus, all the reaching across the dash, arond the steering wheel and trying to get the angle where the glass meets the dash wears me out.

What I've decided I need is a windshield shaver. I'm envisioning a tool with a handle attached to a pivoting head. The head would be small and slender enough that it could reach into the narrow corners and angles, and the pivoting head should allow it to nicely follow the angle of the glass. It would have a disposable cleaning surface, any kind of lint free cloth should do nicely.

Also, if you flip the tool over there is a dispenser for a cleaning solution on the side opposite the cleaning surface. A gel type substance that would be applied to the glass without spraying around, which sometimes spoils or spots the interior. The gel would dry streak free without any residue.

This is my first idea posted to the Bakery, I hope I've done ok. I couldn't find anything like this anywhere else.

Noexit, Nov 09 2004


       And the "Swiffer" claims yet another lazy soul . . . . [+]. Great idea, and welcome!
contracts, Nov 09 2004

       You know what works really, really well on the inside surfaces? A small squeegee. You'll never try it with a towel again. Also, polishing the glass dry with newsprint is the best way to get them jet clean.   

       My experience, anyway.
bristolz, Nov 09 2004

       I'd like some of your 'gel type substance' please. My current car had been detailed before I bought it, and the overspray from the silicone-based polish used on the dash is *still* on the windscreen. I've tried all sorts of stuff.
angel, Nov 12 2004

       Rubbing alcohol and a newspaper will take care of that, or should, [angel].
bristolz, Nov 12 2004

       Well, I've tried industrial glass cleaner to no avail. The newspaper might be the magic ingredient.
angel, Nov 12 2004

       The isopropyl alcohol is the magic ingredient but keep it off of the rubber. (This info is from my husband who is a detailer extraordinaire). He also says to stop using any silicone products on your car as they will interfere with or prevent the car from being able to be painted if they need repair. Use only stuff that says "Paintable" or "safe for paint shop use" on the label.
bristolz, Nov 12 2004


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