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Windshield Wipers To-The-Beat

Now put your hands in the air, and wave them side to side on my windshield.
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I want my car to be able to sync its windshield wipers to music. What I mean is, at the flip of a switch, I want the car to analyze the music being through the speakers, find the beat, and move the windshield wipers side to side, matching the rhythm like the arms of an anorexic raver. Why, you ask? Easy --so I can get my groove on better.
DrWorm, Jun 30 2010

Vehicle wiper control system and method - Patent 6177775 http://www.freepate...ne.com/6177775.html
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2010]


       (Re: link) Well, I'm pretty happy this exists. Why hasn't it been realized???
DrWorm, Jun 30 2010

       I suspect that some of those young American "Hot Rodders" have probably done this as a custom job, as part of the entire process of car modification and enhancement known to hip young folk as "pimpling".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2010

       Thank you, although I'm not sure why you've placed a definitive article before my name.
DrWorm, Jun 30 2010

       //... a definitive article ...// "Maybe" appears rather indefinitive from this angle.
jurist, Jul 01 2010


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