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Windshield Wash Concentrate

Small Packet of Concentrate in a Gallon Bottle
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Although it's already baked to buy a small container of concentrated windshield wash, you have to have a container to mix it with water in.

I propose being able to buy a 1 Gallon container, with a small packet of windshield wash concentrate inside it. You add your own water, shake, and put it in your car, then throw away the bottle.

The packet would of course be made of water soluble plastic.

goldbb, Mar 30 2009

washer fluid bag http://www.tomsbron...product.php?id=1277
a bag is a kind of collapsible bottle, no? [Spacecoyote, Apr 01 2009]


       How about a reusable, collapsible bottle? Better still, a self-collapsing bladder that only takes up the space needed to contain the liquid?   

       When it's empty, throw another packet in and fill it up again.
cindik, Mar 30 2009

       the antifreeze part is usually glycol which is a liquid already.
FlyingToaster, Mar 30 2009

       Why bother with a bottle? Throw the packet into the reservoir and add water to it. Keep a spare packet in the glovebox.
phoenix, Mar 30 2009

       cindik, can I bun your annotation? :)   

       FT, if the water soluble packet was made of polyvinyl alchohol, would glycol dissolve it? (PVA is what Glass Plus Concentrate packets are made of)   

       phoenix, what do I hold the water in, to add it to the reservoir?
goldbb, Mar 31 2009

       [cindik], I seem to recall someone coming up with the same idea here and it being found to be baked.
Spacecoyote, Apr 01 2009

       "phoenix, what do I hold the water in, to add it to the reservoir?"
A bucket? A cup? Water from a hose? Why does it have to be something dedicated to this single task?
phoenix, Apr 01 2009

       goldbb, what do you hold the water in, to add it to the1 gallon container? Use that same method to add your own water directly into the reservoir, then drop in the packet of windshield wash concentrate.   

       Oh, you say you are using your kitchen sink and your vehicle won't fit into your kitchen? Then I guess you need some sort of container or a hose, don't you? Just don't try to convince me (nor phoenix, obviously) there is a need for yet another disposable plastic bottle designed for a single use only.   

       Do us a favour, take a look under the hood (that's bonnet for all you Brits) of most any vehicle and you will see there is already a reusable plastic container attached to the windhsield washer system. You can put water in it and either drop, splash, or pour in any of a number of pre-existing, commercially available windshield wash concentrates.   

       If I was in a foul mood I might even suggest [m-f-d] - widely known to exist. As it is, have a [-].   

       (Of course, the square brackets represent a water-soluble packet.)
Canuck, Apr 01 2009

       Ok, how do I take that reusable plastic container, already attached to my windshield washer system, and fill it from my sink? If it's removable, I certainly wasn't aware of it.
goldbb, Apr 02 2009

       How to fill the non-removable, reusable plastic container (aka: the reservoir) that is attached to your windshield washer system from your sink:
Option 1. Buy a hose (or series of hoses) long enough to reach from your sink to your vehicle.
Option 2. Find the biggest glass you own and fill it with water at your sink. Carry it to your car and empty the water from the glass into the reservoir. Repeat until the reservoir if full.
Option 3. You will probably find this one extremely difficult because it involves thinking. Drive to your nearest gas (petrol) station and use their water hose to fill the reservoir.
Option 4. See that old milk carton over there? The one you plan on tossing into the garbage? Give it a quick rinse with lukewarm water then fill it with some cool water. Carry it to your car and fill the reservoir.
Option 5. Construct a rain catching system to collect and funnel rain water that would usually fall on your vehicle directly into the reservoir.
Canuck, Apr 03 2009

       6: make a reusable bracket for the washer-fluid container you bought in the store.
FlyingToaster, Apr 03 2009


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