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Windshield wiper with swivel facility

Prevent scratch marks on glass.....afap
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Normally wiper works from bottom to top, sweeping any dust, dirt. Sometimes if one is not careful to manually remove dirt before operating wiper, there are scratch marks on the glass.

Proposed modification will have swivel function to slightly lift the wiper above glass surface, move to top, spray water to wash out the dirt on glass, lower the wiper to make contact with glass & then operate it.

There will also be provision for compressed air to clean any dirt on wiper surface that remains in contact with glass.

vedarshi, Dec 09 2006


       I think the compressed air is a great idea. One shot of compressed air on the initial swipe of the blades in its regular cycles.
twitch, Dec 09 2006

fh, Dec 09 2006

       Baked ! see 'Wiper Lifter'.
rsn10588, Dec 09 2006

       how is it "baked"? Its never been actually done before (as far as Google and I know). I don't think the HB counts. Does it?
MoreCowbell, Dec 09 2006


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