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Winning condom

You can win $100k with this condom
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Since Bill Gates announced a $100k prize for a revolutionary condom that would offer more positives than drawbacks so that condoms would be used more, I came up with this simple but powerful idea...

A condom with three invisible-ink-printed symbols like on a scratchcard lottery. Symbols would become visible after being exposed for 5+ minutes to vaginal liquid. Three matching symbols = $100,000 prize. Payable to females only.

Result: women's sex needs would increase ten fold...

slovakmartin, Mar 28 2013


       By far the best condom would be a vagina unto itself that the poverty stricken males could use to masturbate without female involvement rapidly modernizing those to the level of the typical western male. Alternatively a condom that can become a dildo.
rcarty, Mar 29 2013

       I venture to predict that if such condoms existed as described in the main text, a significant number of women would buy them and unroll them onto dildos, and leave men out of the equation altogether.
Vernon, Mar 29 2013

       ... thought it said "Whining Condom"...
FlyingToaster, Mar 29 2013

       Vernon, because of hackers like you, spreading exploits for the system, there would have to be a security update - the new condom would reveal the winning symbols only after being exposed to vaginal fluids from outside AND ejaculate from inside.
slovakmartin, Mar 29 2013

       shouldn't the title be: "the winning condomation" ?
xenzag, Mar 29 2013

       5 minutes? What am I supposed to do with the last 4?
Ling, Mar 29 2013


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