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Ziploc condom wrapper

For neater post-use disposal
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Like the packages that some candies come in, where the top tears off permanently but the Ziploc seal remains. For neater disposal, especially when you're not on your home turf and it might be a while before you feel like getting up and searching for a place to discreetly discard. Or when you need to carry it out in a pocket or purse for disposal.
sferrari, Sep 06 2001

Better Condom Packaging http://www.halfbake...0condom_20packaging
See first annotation. [iuvare, Sep 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       one could also use an already existing baggie to place the used condiment in.
thumbwax, Sep 06 2001

       I thought wimmenfolk liked big and dumb guys
thumbwax, Sep 07 2001

       Or one could carry a small cylinder of compressed helium, inflate the used conundrum, tie the end, and let it bob about on the ceiling or get caught in the trees. Actually, sferrari, this is the first reasonable idea having anything to do with sex that I've seen in donkey's beers. Amazing. Welcome aboard.
Dog Ed, Sep 07 2001

       Three good, random words, strung together in an idea that makes sense and would improve the quality of a condom-using man's life?! Say it ain't so!   

       I second Dog Ed's welcoming, and I add my croissant to the pile.
absterge, Sep 07 2001

       This totally makes a lot of sense. I love it. And if per chance she should get a mood swing and change her mind (damn her), you can save it for another time, IF there is another time. And if she does that, you can use it for someone else.hehe...bad man...bad man.
whack_a_mole, Sep 07 2001

       I dunno, I liked PeterSealy's ziploc condom.

Third Sunday of every month here in Birmingham, there's a Fetish Fair, and I'm quite a fan of the paint-on latex suit idea. This could be stage one in the development of an all-night condom. Paint on, go as many times as you can, peel off.

(I tell you I'm not going back to the Greatest Story. Really. Only to watch.)
lewisgirl, Sep 07 2001

       Thanks for the welcomes and the croissants. A very cool site; glad I found y'all...even if you don't like the "stomach shunt" idea.
sferrari, Sep 07 2001

       A nice idea, but impractical as it will encourage condom reuse. (Yeah, you'd have to be an idiot, but those are the last people we want reproducing...)
bookworm, Sep 07 2001

       Well, you might as well, because by the time you lot have enough energy to go again, it's long past the outside-the-scrotum-in-the-big-wide-world lifespan of sperm. I'm sure the health warning not to use them twice was aimed more at people who might share them. imho.
lewisgirl, Sep 07 2001

       Sorry to break it to you, but hippo's already covered this ground via the "Better Condom Packaging" idea proposed last January. My minor variation to that idea is exactly what's being proposed here [see link & first annotation].   

       Honest oversight I'm sure, so I recommend searching the bakery (and your favorite search engine) prior to posting...nevertheless, welcome to the bakery.   

       Peter/lewisgirl: A ziploc-ed condom would be unbearable to wear. Think about the friction of the closure on the male's unit...jimnychrismas!
iuvare, Sep 07 2001

       ow, that's gotta hurt, eh iuvare? Sorry, boss... it was/is a good idea, and we're all more than happy to score a newbie so highly for such, even at the expense of the oversight of another valued baker. Alas, such is life.
absterge, Sep 07 2001

       Nah, it was hippo's idea anyway, not mine.   

       Besides, it's one thing to annotate an improvement, it's quite another to propose a good idea. sferrari's got chops of the latter kind: this idea is practical, well written and well respected. For a newbie, sferrari has a batting average that I've yet to match.
iuvare, Sep 07 2001

       Aww, man, I'm bumming: This is clearly hippo's idea, with iuvare's detail. Nice that you're giving me credit for a GOOD idea, but the part that makes this site challenging is that the idea can't be a repeat. I'll do better searches next time.
sferrari, Sep 07 2001

       How do you go about deleting an idea? I was going to clean-up after myself, but I couldn't find a 'del' function.
barnzenen, Sep 08 2001

       Hippo's idea or not, it beats the floor of the car...
Deity, Sep 08 2001

       Lewisgirl: There are paint on condoms...No idea how they work, just remember having seen it at some point. There is paint on latex body stuff, though. A friend once told me it felt great until it dried out completely, at which point it started flaking and getting itchy.   

       And sperm can live up to three days, although that is in a welcoming environment...<'What's a six letter word for a woman who uses the rhythm method?' "Mother">   

       Barnzenen, there's a 'delete' link under the 'idea' section at the top left.
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       This makes about as much sense as Band-Aids™, and I'm surprised I can't remember hearing discussions about the comdone disposal problem in the popular press. I'd sure pay extra for the convenience.
reensure, Sep 08 2001


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